Benidorm Fest 2024 gets its first viral song

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The race to know the winner of the Benidorm Fest 2024 and future representative of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest has begun. Very soon, TVE will celebrate its fantastic week with the broadcast of the two semi-finals and the final of the musical competition. However, while that day arrives, the participants are seeing how their songs do not stop gaining listens on streaming platforms.

This season of Benidorm Fest has a repertoire of songs that, for the most part, have the potential to become hits. In fact, some do not stop climbing positions on Spotify. The behavior of topics such as summer Love (Marlena), Platinum glitters (AlmΓ‘cor) and You’re gonna see me (Mantra) can’t be better.

However, There is a specific song that, in addition to adding a good handful of listens, has managed to position itself at the top of The 50 most viral in Spain, and that is Bitch by Nebulossa. For the third consecutive day, the song selected for the Benidorm Fest that challenges all stereotypes remains at the top of this list that compiles the songs that are trending within our territory.

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The most protesting song of the Benidorm Fest

Bitch is presented at Benidorm Fest as a different proposal that seeks to stir consciences with the feminist message behind all that catchy production. Maria Baswith his enveloping voice, and Mark Dasousain charge of production, fuse electronic pop with retro influences from the 80’s to create one of the most attractive candidates of this third edition of the festival.

We will have to wait for the big week of Benidorm Fest to see if Bitch de Nebulossa also works in the rigorous live show, manages to qualify and represent Spain this year at Eurovision?


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