Benidorm Fest 2024 result: this is how the final classification turned out and there is already a Eurovision representative

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At last! The ticket to the Malmö Arena already has a name and surname: Nebulossa will be the representative of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest on May 11, 2024. After enjoying two great semifinals from which four finalists emerged from each one, tonight we have once again felt the Spanish talent on the stage of the Palau Desports L’Illa of the Benidorm Fest 2024.

Nebulossa has come before María Peláe, St. Pedro, Angy Fernández, Jorge González, Sofía Coll, Miss Caffeína and Almácor with its proposal, receiving a total of 156 points. Although all of them have given their all on stage to defend their song this Saturday, February 3, it will finally be BITCH who takes the baton from Blanca Paloma and seeks to overcome the position of the Eaea at Eurovision.

This is how the votes have been distributed

The jury was the first to distribute the points and they did so as follows: Nebulossa and St. Pedro (86 points), Angy Fernández (63 points) Almácor (51 points), Jorge González (49 points), María Peláe (41 points), Sofía Coll (29 points), Miss Caffeine (27 points).

Regarding the demoscopic vote, it has been distributed as follows: Jorge González (40 points), Angy Fernández (35 points), Nebulossa (30 points), St. Pedro (28 points), María Peláe (25 points), Sofía Coll (22 points), Almácor (20 points) and Miss Caffeina (16 points).

Finally, the public vote has been assigned as follows: Nebulossa (40 points), Jorge González (35 points), Angy Fernández (30 points), Almácor (28 points), St. Pedro (25 points), Sofía Coll (22 points), María Peláe (20 points) and Miss Caffeine (16 points).

This is the final classification of the Benidorm Fest 2024

1. Nebulossa (156 points)

2. St. Peter (139 points)

3. Angy Fernández (128 points)

4. Jorge González (124 points)

5. Almácor (99 points)

6. María Peláe (86 points)

7. Sofia Coll (73 points)

8. My Caffeine (48 points)

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END TO THE THIRD EDITION OF BENIDORM FEST 2024! Yes, yes, we already have a representative from Spain in Eurovision: Nebulossa will bring out the Bitch that is inside next May 11th.


How was this great moment for Abraham Mateo? What a great version Abraham Mateo has given us


Almácor puts the finishing touch

What a crazy think! What a way to put the finishing touch to the night! Almácor’s security has been to blame for leaving our energy through the roof. Are we facing the nightclub of the year and future representative of Spain in Eurovision?

It’s Miss Caffeina’s turn and her iconic ‘Bla bla bla’

The Miss Caffeína trio, Alberto Jiménez, Sergio Sastre and Toni Poza, have taken the stage at the Benidorm Fest 2024 with a song that sounds a lot like them, that indie pop so typical of the group.

Sofía Coll’s turn and her backfire in ‘Here to stay’

The time has come for the Catalan queen Sofía Coll, who has conquered us again with her Here to stay, a song in Spanish, English and Catalan that talks about empowerment. The artist has surprised us with an unexpected change of clothes, her four dancers and a tower.

Nebulossa opens the second part with ‘Zorra’

The Nebulossa duo, Mark and Mery, launch a message of female empowerment. We must vindicate women, fight for freedom and not allow the opinions of others to affect them.


Jorge González has once again burned on stage at the Benidorm Fest 2024. The artist has raised the temperature with his song ‘Caliente’ and has given it everything that the public expected.

Angy Fernández and her ‘I know who I am’

The revolution of I know who I am by Angy Fernández has landed on the stage. The actress who conquered our hearts in Physics or Chemistry has done it again with her theme at the Benidorm Fest 2024.

St. Peter’s Turn and ‘Two Strangers’

St. Pedro has been synonymous with elegance and simplicity. The artist has shown that less is sometimes more. Focused with a spotlight in the middle of the stage and accompanied by four dancers, the artist has made it clear that a spot in the final is his. And we couldn’t agree more!

María Peláe and her ‘Sender’ start

The voice of Maria Peláe has been in charge of opening the final of the Benidorm Fest 2024. Accompanied by four dancers, pretending to be naked, and she in the center of the stage with her guitar in her hand. The artist has demonstrated her power with ‘Remitente’… and she couldn’t have done it better!

Ruth Lorenzo, the queen of the night

10 years have passed since Ruth Lorenzo He went on stage at Eurovision, and that is exactly what led him to go on stage today at the grand final of the Benidorm Fest 2024… at your feet!


“Tonight I’m blowing up that family stage! And there are no ifs or buts that matter to me, Sender is more than a label and it’s going to roar on those stages”: these were María Peláe’s last words before focusing on her staging



As in other editions, the votes will be distributed as follows:50% sworn vote, 25% demoscopic vote and the other 25% televoting. Remember that after the eight performances, the presenters will report live that the lines are open to vote through text messages (SMS) and calls 🗳️



This Friday, after enjoying the 2nd semi-final of the Benidorm Fest 2024, Blanca Paloma was the innocent hand that dictated the order in which the finalists will perform tonight. Let’s go over it!

1️⃣ María Peláe – Sender

2️⃣ st. Pedro – two strangers

3️⃣ Angy Fernández – I know who I am

4️⃣ Jorge González – Hot

5️⃣ Nebulossa – BITCH

6️⃣ Sofia Coll – Here to Stay

7️⃣ Miss Caffeina – Bla bla bla

8️⃣ Almácor – Platinum glitters




After experiencing two heart-stopping semi-finals in which the participants of this edition have given their all on the stage… You already know which 8 songs will compete to go to Eurovision! From reggaeton to pop, including boleros… there are sounds for all tastes 🎶


Welcome everyone to the GRAND FINAL of Benidorm Fest 2024! It has been a very intense week in the city of Alicante and at WECB we have been telling you everything at the click of a button. Today, finally, we will know Who represents Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest? next May 11, 2024 🏆


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