Billie Eilish reveals why Olivia Rodrigo inspired the song ‘Goldwing’

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I feel like I’m protective of Olivia “, said Billie Eilish in an interview with the LA Times.

Billie Eilish recently confided that she felt protective of Olivia Rodrigo, born 14 months after her.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times published on Tuesday, Eilish revealed that Rodrigo inspired her song “ Goldwing “.

I think everyone’s experiences are so individualshe explains. Nobody had anyone else’s life, you know? But I feel like I’m protective of Olivia. I have a song called ‘Goldwing’ on my last album which talks a little about her. It’s not just about her. I thought of her while writing it. She was coming, she was younger than me, and no one had ever been younger than me. »

Goldwing ”, which appeared in Happier Than Ever in 2021, contains a poignant verse: “ They’ll tell you what you want to hear/And then they’ll disappear/And claim you as a souvenir/Just to sell you in a year. »

During his interview with the LA Times, Eilish said she identified with Rodrigo, who blew up overnight when she was still a teenager. “ Olivia was exploding, and she was just this delicate little child. I felt so nervous. I was worried about her. She grew up in the acting world, and people are so weird. I don’t know – I felt very protective of him. And that’s how I feel about everyone. »

Eilish recorded “ Ocean Eyes “, a title written by her brother Finneas O’Connell, when she was only 13 years old. In an article from Vogue released earlier this year, which focused on her climate activism, Eilish reflected on the period leading up to her emergence on the international stage: “ I remember what I was like, when fewer eyes were on me. I mourn it. I strive to be that child again. »


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