Billie Eilish talks about sexuality and the male gaze

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In a new interview, Billie Eilish talks about attraction and the difference in sexualization for men and women.

Billie Eilish opened up about the intense scrutiny women face over their bodies, sexuality and experience of womanhood in a new interview with Variety.

The musician spoke candidly about her predilection for baggy clothing and her desire not to be sexualized, but to maintain a certain level of protection and control over her body. “ I wasn’t trying to get people to not sexualize me. But I didn’t want people to have access to my body, even visually. I wasn’t strong and confident enough to show it. If I had shown it at the time, I would have been completely devastated if people had said anything. »

Yet, as a woman who grew up in the public eye, it was impossible to avoid these kinds of remarks. “Vou wear something a little revealing and everyone is like, “Oh, but you didn’t want people to sexualize you?” Screw you ! I am literally a being who is sometimes sexual. »

Eilish goes on to address the obvious double standard at play: “ No one ever says anything about men’s bodies. If you’re muscular, that’s cool. If you’re not, that’s cool. If you’re thin as a wire, that’s cool. If you’re chubby, that’s great! Everybody is happy. For what ? Because girls are nice. They don’t care because we see people as they are! »

Eilish has suggested that her disinterest in sexualization stems in part from the fact that she “doesn’t never felt like a woman ”, adding: “ I never felt desirable. I never felt feminine. I have to convince myself that I’m a pretty girl…but I’ve never really felt like a girl. »

Likewise, Eilish stated that she had “no never really felt like I could relate to girls » : « I love them so much. I love them as people. I am attracted to them as people. I’m attracted to them for real…I have deep connections with the women in my life, the friends in my life, the family in my life. They attract me physically. But I am also very intimidated by them, their beauty and their presence. »

Billie Eilish recently received numerous Grammy nominations for “ What Was I Made For? “, notably for record and song of the year, best pop solo performance, best song written for a visual medium and best music video. (Also, his collaboration with Labrinth, “ Never Felt So Alone ”, was also cited in the category “Best pop performance in duo or group”).


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