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After recently reinstating guitarist and singer Tom DeLonge, Blink-182 is celebrating the event with a generous and joyful new album.

The three dirty kids of punk rock from the 90s and 2000s are all grown up, but hold on to their identity. After seven years devoted to his Angels and Airwaves project and the study of extra-terrestrials (!), Tom DeLonge is back at blink-182 to play his extremely simple riffs and scream alongside his sidekicks Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. Like the reunion on stage, One More Time…, the new album, is generous, careful and includes a good dose of nostalgia. The presence of seventeen titles can make you dizzy on paper, but the whole thing goes by at full speed, as the Californian trio has rediscovered its sense of efficiency and knows how to vary the subject.

Thus, the titles follow one another and are not alike. From the melancholic ballad “One More Time” to the bitter “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”, the group knows how to lift your spirits with the supersonic “Dance With me” or the cheerful “Edging”, without forgetting to get angry on the abrupt “Terrified”. Aware of their age (as well as that of their listeners), blink-182 also strikes a nostalgic chord on the bittersweet “When We Were Young” and the closing track “Childhood”. However, if they are approaching or have reached fifty, the childish jokes remain present with the various interludes.

Always fresh and bouncy, but aware of their place and experience, the trio manages to find the balance between youthful pleasure and awareness of their age. The pleasure of reunion nevertheless remains intact.

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One More Time is available

Here is the tracklist:

  1. Anthem Part 3
  2. Dance With Me
  3. Fell in Love
  4. Terrified
  5. One More Time
  6. More Than You Know
  7. Turn This Off!
  8. When We Were Young
  9. Edging
  10. You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
  11. Blink Wave
  12. Bad News
  13. Hurt (Interlude)
  14. Turpentine
  15. Fuck Face
  16. Other Side
  17. Childhood

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