BOSS DOMS “In Conversation with Boss Doms” from SAE Institute in Milan

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Eccentric, passionate and unconventional, Boss Doms will talk about himself during the talk “In Conversation with Boss Doms”, organized by SAE Institute, an academy for training in creative media which has been training young talents in Audio Production courses for over 25 years, Electronic Music Production and Urban Music Production.

The talk, which will be held on 11 December 2023 from 6.30pm to 8.00pm at the SAE Institute headquarters in via Trentacoste 14 Milan, will see Boss Doms talk about a career dotted with important collaborations with some of the most well-known personalities of the Italian scene: from the partnership with Achille Lauro, with whom he participated in Sanremo and Eurovision, to the productions created for Gemitaiz, Emis Killa, Marracash and Coez. The producer will also tell participants about his approach to production and the most recent artistic changes that have transformed him into one of the most transversal producers of the moment.

The event will be introduced and moderated by the voices of Christian De Rosa, Industry Relations Officer of SAE Institute Milan, and DJ Telaviv, SAE teacher of the Urban Music Production course, starting next February 2024 together with Electronic Music Production. At the end of the meeting, participants will be able to follow the SAE Institute Study Advisors who will guide them on a tour to discover the Campus and the 20 recording and production studios.


SAE Institute, via Trentacoste 14, Milan – 11 December 2023, from 6.30pm to 8.00pm

The talk will be free and open to anyone who wishes to participate, subject to free registration here and subject to availability.

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