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Visiting the Zénith in Toulouse on February 13, 2023, the British group Bring Me The Horizon had a full house. On this occasion, the editorial staff met Oli Sykes and Matt Nichols.

For his first concert at the Zénith in Toulouse, bring me The Horizon did not skimp on resources. Accompanied by three other international groups, Static Dress, Poorstacy and A Day to Remember, the British showed off their mastery of the stage to an audience committed to their cause. “We’ve been waiting to play here for a few years, we’re as happy to do it as we were frustrated to postpone this tour” confides singer Oli Sykes to the editorial staff. “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such an enthusiastic audience on this tour” adds drummer Matt Nichols.

The Toulouse public does not hide its enthusiasm in the face of so many resources deployed. In addition to the jets of smoke and the elaborate lights, the main thread of the concert is unfolded on the giant screen, which broadcasts futuristic images, with playful video references which are reminiscent of the Metal Gear Solid series, notably on the song “Shadow Moses.” A common thread which also finds its coherence in recent pieces, notably “sTraNgeRs”, awaited by the public this evening. “This title is significant in the sense that I manage to establish a parallel between my personal feelings and what is happening in the world” explains Oli Sykes. “I talk about how I got out of my addictions, and I draw a parallel with the idea of ​​opening up to others who are experiencing distress, and not closing ourselves off from them.”

bring me The Horizon also knows how to put music at the forefront. In addition to the sound which is both massive and clear, the group presents an acoustic rendition of “Follow You”, during which the frontman does not hesitate to get off stage to seek out the fans in the front rows. The transition from the studio to the stage is easy, including for titles resulting from collaborations, such as “Obey” or “Kingslayer”, respectively recorded with Yungblud and Babymetal. “Rock is not the musical genre in which collaborations are the most numerous, when we compare it to rap, for example” believes the frontman. “It’s quite sad, I don’t like the spirit of rivalry. Meeting your favorite band and realizing that they are just as fans of you has an incredible effect. There’s nothing wrong with a rock band opening up to other styles.”

If the British highlight their recent songs, removing all the songs released before Sempiternal (2013), they are preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their career. An experience which explains the success with the public present, which includes its share of young people. “When I ask fans if they have seen us before, the majority don’t raise their hands. I am happy that our music still attracts younger generations” rejoices the singer.

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