Britney Spears’ new album, surrounded by rumors in 2024

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For a couple of years Britney Spears He recovered his personal, economic, musical independence, etc. Since that moment there have been millions of people who have been waiting for a musical return that has occurred in part with new songs but not through a complete recording project. Although in 2024 the rumors are ringing very loudly about a possible new musical adventure.

In fact, according to The Line of Best Fit one of the great composers of recent times, Charli XCX, would be working intensely on this highly anticipated studio album. 8 years have passed since Glory was released back in 2016 and according to a source close to the artist, work has begun.

“Britney’s album is being kept top secret. Work has been going on behind the scenes for quite some time to put together a series of incredible songs that will bring Britney back with a bang,” assures the source of this digital newspaper.

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“Charli has a great track record when it comes to writing smart pop songs. She went into the studio at the beginning of the year to make some songs following Britney’s guidance on what she was going for. She came up with a really strong song that is expected to appear on the album, which Britney’s team hopes will be released in 2024,” says the British newspaper.

2023 marked the musical return of Britney Spears, although with a certain trick since Will.I.Am and the Princess of Pop They took the opportunity to give a second push to a previous idea that they updated to publish Mind your business. A first step that could soon have a continuation as confirmed by the artist herself through her social networks.

Because the Princess of Pop assured that she had a new song written: “”I wrote a new song!!! Hate you to like me!!! No problems with anyone… Just being a narcissist in his own acclaimed way!!! “It’s accumulating interest by giving ego with your eyes closed because I hear important people doing it these days 🎯😉” she posted on her social media.

We will have to wait to see if Charli XCX’s involvement in the project is real and if Britney Spears is composing for her ninth studio album.


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