Bruce Springsteen’s tribute to Shane MacGowan

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Bruce Springsteen, Nick Cave and Bono have paid tribute to late singer Shane MacGowan.

Bruce Springsteen paid tribute to one of his “ favorite authors of all time “, former Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan, in an Instagram tribute on Friday.

The passion and deep intensity of his music and lyrics are matched only by the best in the rock & roll canonhe wrote. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Shane and his lovely wife Victoria last time we were in Dublin. He was very ill, but still beautifully present in his heart and mind. His music is timeless and eternal. I don’t know about the rest of us, but they’ll be singing Shane’s songs 100 years from now. »

In May, MacGowan’s wife, Victoria Mary Clarke, posted a photo of Springsteen leaning over MacGowan. “ What an incredible honor, and what a great experience to receive a visit from the Boss!!!, she wrote. He is a truly wonderful man and a total genius! »

Nick Cave also spoke about his friendship with MacGowan, with whom he sang ” What a Wonderful World », in its newsletter Red Hand Files. He recalls that he made an appearance at MacGowan’s 60th birthday celebration, where he sang ” Summer in Siam » by the Pogues with MacGowan.

Shane’s wife, Victoria, then pushed Shane into a wheelchair and, of course, I know I should talk about the sheer, unbridled genius of Shane MacGowan and how he was the greatest songwriter of his generation , with the most terrifying and beautiful voice (all of which is true), but what struck me at that moment was the extraordinary demonstration of love for this man, so powerful and so deep, which poured out from the audiencewrote Cave, adding: It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced “. The singer of Let Love In said the feeling reminded him of Raymond Carver’s poem, ” Late Fragment “.

Shane wasn’t just revered for his multiple talents, he was also loved for himself alonewrote Cave. A beautiful, damaged man who embodied a kind of purity, innocence, generosity and spiritual intelligence unlike any other. »

For his part, Bono paid tribute to Shane MacGowan with an illustration that he created and which uses the lyrics of the song “ A Rainy Night in Soho » by the Pogues. “ Shane MacGowan’s songs were perfect so he and we, his fans, didn’t have to be “, wrote the U2 frontman.

Shane MacGowan died on November 30 at the age of 65. His wife confirmed the musician’s death in a statement. “ There is no way to describe the loss I feel and the nostalgia of just one of his smiles that lit up my worldClarke wrote. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for your presence in this world, you made it so bright and you gave so much joy to so many people with your heart, your soul and your music. »


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