Carlos Vives celebrates 30 years in style: with a concert on a plane

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Can you imagine being on a plane and suddenly raise Carlos Vives to start singing? This is what a group of passengers experienced last Sunday, December 3, when they were flying to Cartagena (Colombia) from Bogotá. What a surprise they had!

The artist, who is one of the kings of vallenato, has become one of the protagonists of social networks these days after he began to viralize some videos where he appears singing on a plane at a height of 10,000 meters.

A way to celebrate in style the singer’s 30-year career on stage. It seems like nothing, but it is not! And Carlos Vives has few things left to do in his career.

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The songs he performed

As we have seen on social networks, Carlos Vives was accompanied at all times by an accordion and a guitar, leaving the audience crazy. In this way, the artist came out of the front of the aircraft with the microphone in hand and started singing to the surprise and joy of the fans.

But, of course, this was something agreed upon with the airline. And the artist has provided a soundtrack for the company Latam, which flies throughout the Latin American continent, with the song We fly for you.

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In this way, the artist performed the company’s new song for everyone present, giving a great moment on the plane. But it didn’t stop there, far from it, the artist also took the opportunity to take photos and greet all the passengers on the plane. In addition, he wanted to thank his entire audience for having taken him so high during these years. “So high”, do you get it?

Without a doubt, Carlos Vives is a real box of surprises and it seems that he still has more things prepared for 2024. We will be attentive and attentive to see what he surprises us with.


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