CCCP – FEDELI ALLA LINEA the exhibition at the Cloisters of San Pietro in Reggio Emilia has been extended until March 10th

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Following the public success, the closing of the major exhibition “FELICITAZIONI! CCCP – Faithful to the line. 1984 – 2024” at the Cloisters of San Pietro in Reggio Emilia, produced and organized by the Palazzo Magnani Foundation and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

The exhibition exceeded 25,000 visitors in the 3 months it was open! The exhibition bookshop, set up for the occasion in the Cloisters of San Pietro, has seen repeated sold outs of CCCP catalogues, records and other official merchandising.


The events of the “Collateral Damages” cycle also continue, enriching the exhibition with dialogues between the members of CCCP and critics, journalists and intellectuals to delve deeper into the concepts and ideologies of the band and the era they lived through. The last two meetings are:

Thursday 18 January at 6.30 pm at the Open Laboratory (Chiostri di San Pietro, via Emilia S. Pietro 44/c, Reggio Emilia) A LOOK FROM FAR AWAY, Lodovico Zamboni in dialogue with Giovanni Lindo Ferretti;

Thursday 25 January at 6.30 pm at the Open Laboratory (Chiostri di San Pietro, via Emilia S. Pietro 44/c, Reggio Emilia) POPULAR GRATED GUITAR COURSE, Riccardo Bertoncelli in dialogue with Massimo Zamboni. With Danilo Fatur.


CONGRATULATIONS! CCCP – Faithful to the line. 1984 – 2024”, retraces 40 years of history of the group that has transcended the musical phenomenon to delve into the collective social and cultural imagination that has marked their existence and continues to create cultural links between opposing eras and places. The exhibition underlines the explosive force of the lyrics and the almost mythological aura that surrounds the group, retracing their entire history. A narrative that intercepted some of the most characteristic names of the 80s, from Pier Vittorio Tondelli to Luigi Ghirri to Amanda Lear.

Starting from Reggio Emilia, the exhibition projects the visitor into an unlimited human space, connecting from time to time East and West Berlin, the Europe of the frontiers, Beirut, the Arab world, the USSR and satellite countries, China, Hong Kong, the Mongolia, Kabul, Palestine, Israel, Moscow, Leningrad and dizzyingly transforming those places into the outskirts and centers of a single mental empire, in a journey made up of 25 rooms, with installations, site-specific works, unpublished archive photographs, audiovisual supports and stage costumes.

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Furthermore, from 24 to 26 February, CCCP will be at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin with CCCP to DDDRthe show that combines pro-Soviet Punk and Emilian melodic music in the beating heart of the dismantled Republic of East Germany.


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