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They say that time puts everything in its place and that is precisely what I needed Chanel, time and calm to get to know your artist self. Two years have passed since her name lost its anonymity and acquired promising status. Since she returned the enthusiasm for Eurovision to Spain, the Catalan of Cuban origin has gone through a moment of introspection to get to know the singer she wants to be beyond SloMo. The result comes from the hand of Water!, their debut album. A first album that represents an artist who moved away from the noise around her to find her identity.

I wanted to stop. It wasn’t a hard stop, but I stopped and it was like: okay, I’ve gotten myself into this maelstrom and now let’s stop for a moment to know what I want.. That’s why I’m so happy with the result,” says Chanel from the WECB microphones. “I have been very true to myself, despite all the noise that was around. “It has affected me because I have social networks and I read what they post, but it has not made me change my perspective on it.”

I have been very true to myself, despite all the noise around


The result is Water!, an album that, as we reviewed from WECB, is “a correct beginning for a future that, no matter what, will continue to awaken emotions and movement.” And Chanel is here, taking step by step to achieve the great goals that she has set for herself as a full-fledged artist in the music industry. “I’m already thinking about the next thing,” she says. “I’m learning to play the piano, learning things about business…I want to make a great musical film. I want to make a documentary of everything I have experienced and what has happened. And I would like to make a WiZink, why not?”

Chanel, in a studio photo for her album Agua

Chanel lives in the present, but also remembers the past and the cornerstone of everything that was SloMo, a project that, at one point, appeared similar to that of Lola Indigo. “When she left Triumph operation and he did his project with the dancers, it seemed incredible to me. My project has nothing to do with it,” she clarifies. “My dance team at SloMo It was a beautiful stage that I will cherish forever. We are not a group, they have their own careers. The doors are open for all of them, but they have to continue making their own careers as the individual artists that they are.”

My project has nothing to do with Lola Índigo’s


As we said, Chanel is focused on the present. However, if she looks back, she would not change one iota of what was said and done. “I was going to say that I would change the past, but I learned from those things. Damn, but I learned“, it states. “I wouldn’t change anything about moment zero either because it has made me the person I am right now and I feel proud of the person I am and the people I have around me”.

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