Charnobyl I-II


Madrid post punk with a dark soul that makes fun of cataclysms and the end of the world.

The constant mistreatment that humans do to the planet has driven global phenomena such as climate change. The cataclysm seems closer and closer because now the summers are hotter and the winters colder. With this in mind, Charnobyl makes its appearance as a new group that makes ideal songs to listen to while the end of the world arrives.

Throughout history, various bands have emerged with the intention of motivating positive changes. Some try to do so through philosophical messages and festivals such as Live Aid to raise funds for the people most in need. But we cannot forget that there are others who just want to have fun.

The list with examples of this second item is quite extensive. It covers from Ramones until The Cramps. This is music without social commitment or hidden messages in the lyrics. Everything is direct and without false artistic pretensions. Sometimes the greatest act of honesty you can commit is to recognize that you do not want to change the world.

All of the above leads to the first work of the Madrid quartet Charnobyl. From the name there is a clear reference to the Ukrainian city that was involved in one of the worst nuclear accidents in history. There was only a slight change with one lyric and thus a combo that mocks the apocalypse was born.

Behind the project are Mental Manual (battery), Noe Gazteilich (low), Damn Charlie (voice) and Rodri Roentgen (guitar). While the sound of him sails between the post Dark punk and gritty garage. It is direct music that is instantly recorded like tattoos.

From the above, the compositions of the Spanish are fed completely by Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. While the lyrics are inspired by current events such as “Antibodies” and “Digital Blackout” but they are also stories of nightlife as is the case with “Electric”.

In total there are five compositions that the group includes in their first 7”. With this you can understand that his pieces are really short in length but with such a great addiction that it is impossible not to want to repeat when listening to both sides of the vinyl.

As the band itself mentions, its songs talk about postnuclear proclamations and motor rhythms. For now, the first sample of the work of Charnobyl bears the signature of the seals Sweet Grooves Records, Delia Records, Sporadic Productions and Snap Records.


Written by

Christopher Johnson

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