Christina Milian and M Pokora will not spend Christmas in France

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While the star couple is well established in our dear country, it seems that they have decided to treat themselves to a stay far from Paris for the end of year celebrations.

In order to ensure the education of his two sons, Isaiah (3 years old) and Kenna (2 and a half years old), Mr. Pokora decided, last September, that it was preferable for his little family to come and settle in Paris. A decision that the Strasbourg artist was keen to explain during an interview with La “Voix du Nord” last May: “ In the United States, it’s not the same culture… There is no general culture like in France… Here, you walk in the street, the buildings have a history. “. A compromise to which his wife has no difficulty adapting since, at 42, she decided to learn French to make the most of her stay in France.

And obviously, Paris adores her since, along with other celebrities such as Elodie Fontan and Philippe Lellouche, she participated in the launch of the iconic illuminations of the Faubourg Saint-Honoré district of the Capital. But even if the beauty loves her new life, homesickness seems to be felt around the end of year holidays.

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Christina Milian and M. Pokora on their way to a warm Christmas

On the occasion of this event, the actress and singer gave an interview to “Paris Match. Christina Milian has revealed that she and her family will not be spending Christmas in Paris, but in Los Angeles. “ This Christmas, it will be Los Angeles. Which is honestly a shame, because a Christmas in Paris is so beautiful compared to California. But we want my children to be able to see their cousins. Next year, we will try to bring the whole family back to Paris to celebrate here “, she explains.

The singer also took advantage of this moment to send a little message to her husband. “ I’ve been waiting for three years for Santa to bring me a laptop. I don’t know why I need one, but I want one, I want to be productive in 2024. It’s a very simple gift, but I want it! “. Fingers crossed that the artist finds it under the tree on December 25.


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