Chronicle of a concert: Long live love, long live Madrid and long live Pablo Alborán!

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Pablo Alborán has a gift: uniting several generations in each of his concerts. The man from Malaga, who has been in the music industry for three decades, said goodbye to his Spanish audience this Wednesday, November 22, at the WiZink Center in Madrid. Hanging the Sold Out poster, the singer-songwriter took the stage once again at the WiZink Center in Madrid. Of course, this time with the help of The Fourth Leaf Toura tour with which the artist has already toured all of Spain and with which he is now heading to Latin America.

Wearing an all black look, Pablo Alboran He only needed one band to conquer his audience. And the artist decided to bet on his voice (as if not to do it) as the biggest attraction of the concert. Because if Pablo is known for anything, it is knowing how to excite his fans with every turn of tone. Well, and with that pelvis movement that has already become one of his hallmarks.

Around five past nine at night, the man from Malaga came out on stage to perform Road and Manta: a topic that couldn’t be more apt, especially considering the two-hour emotional journey that awaited us ahead. And it is difficult to review his entire career in such a short time.

Pablo Alborán’s clear message about rumors

after singing Voracious, Pablo Alborán had his first interaction with the public. The artist, who is tired of reading his name in tabloid headlines, spoke clearly: “We live in a time when you turn on the television and anger floods us. In which one has to put up with false headlines in order to have notoriety and having clicks. And yet, I am convinced that in the end music reminds us of the best version of ourselves. That sometimes it is hidden, but music reminds us. “Tonight is an ideal occasion to remember what we are made of.”

Of course, after saying these words, Pablo received enormous applause. And his audience couldn’t have been more dedicated. And he still didn’t know what was coming! It was then when the composer began one of his favorite blocks of his concerts: the moment of remembering some of the songs that have brought him to the top of the Spanish music industry.

Paul interpreted Saturntaking us to outer space through visuals, and a medley of Only you and I promisetwo of the songs with which we met the artist.

But if there was a moment in which the man from Malaga moved his audience, it was when he took off his headset and let himself be carried away by his art, accompanied only by a Spanish guitar, and singing the song of May it always be summer. The man from Malaga, when singing “press me”, held a note for 15 seconds. A true sound spectacle, why are we kidding ourselves!

The only guest of the night: Mikel Izal

Despite being the closing of the tour in Spain, Pablo Alborán only had one guest on stage: Mikel Izal. The singer appeared at the WiZink Center to perform his new song with the man from Malaga: Faith.

The two artists showed that their voices fit together perfectly, giving those present a new version of this Mikel single. And we have to admit, it sounded wonderful!


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Pablo continued performing some of his biggest hits along with the songs from La Cuarta Hoja (an album that has been nominated for the 2024 Grammy for Best Latin Album). Moment to remember when the entire WiZink Center sang in unison I’ve missed you.

“Long live love and long live Madrid!” Pablo said before starting to sing. Live the, a song with which the end of the concert was approaching. But Paul owes it to his audience! And after a two-minute cut, the true ending began with the hand of Rains, it pours, Friends and Party. And that’s what it really was: a party to celebrate music. Because Pablo, in the end, is made of musical notes.


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