Chuty’s message after winning the Red Bull Batalla 2023 International Final

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It has been, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated victories for Spanish freestyle lovers. Known as “the God” of this mental sport, Chuty has won the Red Bull Batalla 2023 International Final in Bogotá (Colombia)reaching this trophy for the first time.

Aczino’s successor in this title fulfilled the promise of his return that he made to his followers, and far from remaining an attempt, He defeated an unstoppable Fat N in the final round and convinced the jury that his rhymes had stood out above those of the Colombian.

On December 2, freestyle lovers experienced confrontations worthy of a final. Figures of the size of Gazir, Mecha, Nitro, Aczino, Chutyand more, have triggered the adrenaline levels of those present at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá and of the thousands of users connected to the live broadcast on Red Bull channels.

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But Chuty’s victory has not gone unnoticed. Overwhelmed by the emotion of having managed to fulfill one of his greatest dreams, Sergio wanted to dedicate a few words and an important reflection. “A year ago I didn’t plan to be here, due to a health issue,” he declared in reference to the complications his father suffered. “I have returned for my followers, you deserve the best,” he said. But there is still more.

Chuty warned that next year he will go “with every intention of winning,” but he wants to do it “well.” Therefore, he encouraged the Spanish public to follow in the footsteps and copy the respect of the Colombian audience. “Look at this audience, we are going to set an example, we are going to be like them,” he pleaded to the applause of the audience.

Spain, next headquarters of the International

At the event it was revealed that the WiZink Center in Madrid has been the place chosen as the venue for the celebration of the next Red Bull Batalla International Final. November 30, 2024, the best in the world of freestyle will take the stage to try to become champion. Those who have already secured their place are Chuty, Fat N and Mecha, who star on the podium this year.

And you, are you ready for next year?


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