CLAUDIO BAGLIONI announces his retirement from the stage in 1000 days

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In the midst of his “A tutto cuore” tour, 25 dates of the phenomenal opera show in the most important indoor arenas in Italy, Claudio Baglioni gives the news of his retirement from the stage by 2026, with a new album planned.

A thousand days. The same as one of his most famous songs. This is the time that has been given Claudio Baglioni to say goodbye to his audience and definitively say goodbye to the stage. An announcement that doesn’t happen with sadness, but while bringing to the stage what he believes to be his best show, “With all my heart”, an opera show that has already enthralled the Italian public with 15 dates in the most important outdoor spaces on the peninsula, and which continues after the debut in Pesaro on 18 January with another 24 dates in the indoor arenas of Milan, Turin, Padua , Bologna, Florence, Eboli, Livorno and Rome.

“My father always said that boxers decide to retire and get out of the ring when they are still winning athletes. And just like a boxer, I chose to give myself the lap of honor. By slowing down and starting a series of projects that will see me busy for the next thousand days.” In fact, it promises to be three years in which the artist will be busy with live dates and a new album, his eighteenth in the studio. “I have many notes that I don’t have the courage to go and listen to again. Bits and pieces: it will be my censorship to do well, but to do less.”

Looking back, as is inevitable when you reach a turning point in your career, Baglioni he remembers the moment when he listened to “La Vita è Ora” for the first time after recording – the best-selling album ever in Italy, with 4 and a half million copies – and thought it was bad. “Yet you never know the reasons why something happens. This is why I have always worked so hard, trying to deserve this success which for me came too soon. The reason for my announcement, right now, is because tI really feel the effect of disappointment, when you become old and don’t want to violate the image of the demigod: I don’t want to get to that. Rather, I want to frame the things I will do, study them, and organize them well. As the Anglo-Saxons say, I will take the victory lap, but taking my time, in a less hasty way.”

Compared to the awareness of a life that is inevitably about to change, Baglioni he doesn’t fear the moment when the curtain falls: “The rehearsals for the grand finale begin very soon but there is a moment in which we understand that that movement must stop. I don’t know how I’ll feel, I’ll find out little by little.”

Along the way, “A song of our going,” he says. “A road that when it ends, actually doesn’t really end.”

Tour dates:

18/01/2024 – Vitrifrigo Arena in PESARO (debut)

01/20/2024 – Mediolanum Forum in MILAN

01/21/2024 – Mediolanum Forum in MILAN

01/22/2024 – Mediolanum Forum in MILAN

01/25/2024 – Pala Alpitour in TURIN

01/26/2024 – Pala Alpitour in TURIN

01/27/2024 – Pala Alpitour in TURIN

01/29/2024 – Arena Entertainment Fair of PADUA

01/30/2024 – Arena Spettacoli Fiera di PADUA

02/02/2024 – Unipol Arena in BOLOGNA

02/03/2024 – Unipol Arena in BOLOGNA

02/05/2024 – Mediolanum Forum in MILAN – NEW DATE

02/06/2024 – Mediolanum Forum in MILAN – NEW DATE

02/08/2024 – Nelson Mandela Forum in FLORENCE

02/09/2024 – Nelson Mandela Forum in FLORENCE

10/02/2024 – Nelson Mandela Forum in FLORENCE

02/13/2024 – Pala Sele of EBOLI

02/14/2024 – Pala Sele of EBOLI

15/02/2024 – Pala Sele of EBOLI

02/17/2024 – Modigliani Forum in LIVORNO

02/22/2024 – Palazzo dello Sport in ROME

02/23/2024 – Palazzo dello Sport in ROME

02/24/2024 – Palazzo dello Sport in ROME

25/02/2024 – Palazzo dello Sport in ROME NEW DATE


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