‘Closer than this’: the musical gift that Jimin (BTS) has given to his fans before leaving for military service

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If you still don’t know that the members of the band K-POP BTS They have to do mandatory military service in the Army of the Republic of Korea, you live in a cave. All the group’s followers – also known as ARMY – talk about it on all social networks. To thank all the love the band has received for years, Jimin He has released a new solo song, Closer Than This. It is also a farewell song, since he will be away from music for almost two years.

There’s not much to say, but I wanted to let you know that I’ll be careful and I’ll be back. (…) Something for which I am very grateful and happy is that there are so many people who are saying goodbye to me (…) and I know that they will be there to welcome me when I return,” said the singer of the Korean group a few hours before entering military service through a Weverse live, according to Shock.

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To promote the song, the group’s official Instagram account has shared a video in which they appear Jimin and three dancers performing the choreography of the song. “As we approach the final days of 2023, we hope that Closer Than This, with his letter that conveys Jimin’s love and affection for his fans, bring them hope and quality“, commented the singer’s team about the new single.

“You don’t have to worry now, even if I let go of this hand for a moment it’s just a small pause. Just say my name out loud that day that I will dye purple again,” says the Korean singer in the song.

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The band members have been leaving musical gifts to their fans before the break what they have to do in their race to fulfill their mandatory military service in South Korea. Jungkook He has released an album for his ARMY, Golden; V He also dared with a new album, Layover; Jin released his song The astronaut; J-Hope with jack in the box; and without a doubt in this review it could not be missing suga with his D-Day.


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