CLUB DOGO new album arrives. Preorder open from today

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The pre-order of the album of the same name which celebrates the comeback of Club Dogo is open today. Today at 2pm they announced their new album coming out next year.

Gué, Jake La Furia and Don Joe who with their partnership have entered the legend of Italian music, revolutionizing the charts as we knew them and leading the way for a generation of young hip hop artists, have decided to meet again to return to making music Together.

In March 2023 Joe, Jake and Gué decided to meet again to return to making music together in great secrecy in some apartments in Milan to rediscover the spirit of the beginning

Every mosquito’s dream has come true

We’re coming back to rock hard.
There was immediate empathy
Time has stopped”



The album will be released in various formats: Deluxe Box (already sold out), white vinyl, signed CD, normal vinyl, normal CD.


Club Dogo, a group founded by rappers Gué and Jake La Furia and producer Don Joe, are an institution of Italian hip hop. In 2003 they released their first self-produced album, Mi Fist, considered a milestone of the genre; the record passes from hand to hand among fans, starting from Milan to conquer all of Italy, ferrying them from the underground to the charts with subsequent works, which made the history of rap. Together they released seven albums, first breaking the glass ceiling that confined rap to a league of its own. With their crew, the Dogo Gang, they also helped bring success to many cult artists: one name above all, Marracash.


There are ten dates, all sold out, at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago.

10,11,14,15,17,18,25,26 March 2024 | Milan @Forum Assago
15,17 April 2024 | Milan @Forum Assago

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