COEZ & FRAH QUINTALE the LOVEBARS TOUR 2024 arrives in Milan (Showlist, gallery and tickets)

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Coez and Frah Quintale’s joint tour arrives this evening, January 29, at the Forum in Milan.

Versatile and transversal, the music of the two artists has always united different generations, from lovers of old school hip-hop to young lovers of songwriting. It is for this reason that the numbers and success of Coez and Frah Quintale were also reflected in the live dimension: LOVEBARS TOUR 2024, which recorded three sold outs, started with a preview at the PalaUnical in Mantua and then officially debuted at ‘Unipol Arena in Bologna on 13 January, where Coez and Frah Quintale demonstrated not only that they have a natural ability to connect with the public, but also that they have a solid repertoire to draw on, from La musica non c’è by Coez to Sì, ah by Frah Quintale, to build a live show made of songs, a unique dimension in which music has the most important role. LOVEBARS TOUR 2024 captures from the first moment, between voices that come together and overwhelming emotions.

After the Forum in Milan on January 29th (SOLD OUT) the last stop will be the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence on February 1st.


United by an undeniable personal and artistic understanding, that of Coez and Frah Quintale is a friendship that arises above all from sharing hip-hop origins. Coolness, freshness, style are the characteristics that the two artists bring on stage between rhymes, perfect combinations and a repertoire that boasts several successful songs.

But it is precisely with LOVEBARS that they finally met, teaming up to bring their audience a record that delves into many themes including love, of which it dissects the meaning: relationships (of friendship, of love) are at the center of the storytelling – telling one’s emotions and connecting with those of others is the revolutionary act of Coez and Frah Quintale, who in the texts describe their complex emotional world which finds a solution in the ability to invest in relationships beyond all difficulties.

This is the lineup

Scorched earth
I make a mess
Distant headlights
What’s my fault
A light at 03:00
Like in the songs
If there is a god
Smoked glass
The lights of the city
And yo mama
Nothing wrong
Wu Tang
Dark glasses
Your song
Always good
64 Bars
It’s the wine’s fault
The eyes
Two wings
On trains at night
It was already written
Local her’s
It’s always good
8 billion
The music isn’t there
Yes ha
High tide




Monday 29 January 2024, Milan – Mediolanum Forum
Thursday 1 February 2024, Florence – Nelson Mandela Forum



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