Colorless Night: “We are a lot alike with Kyo”

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Twenty years after its release, the title “Je cours” is brought up to date in a new version performed in unison by Kyo and Nuit Incolore! A pride for the revelation of the WECB Music Awards 2023. Discover his secrets about this collaboration. An interview with Sébastien Lof-Lecoq.

A hit that went viral, a first album, an WECB Music Award… Nuit Incolore should remember the year 2023 for a long time. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter saw his career take off thanks to his title “Dépassé” after that thousands of Internet users have appropriated his song on TikTok.

His creativity and personality did not only touch the public. The world of Théo Marclay, his real name, also seduced Kyo. The French group collaborated with the young artist on the title “Rendez-vous”, available on Nuit Incolore’s first album, “La loi du papel”.

That’s not all ! On the occasion of its 20th career, the band led by Benoît Poher wanted to share new versions of its iconic hits in a reissue. Among the titles brought up to date: “Je cours”, sung with Nuit Incolore.

“They were the ones who told me that they would see me on “Je Cours”, which is about this teenager who feels a little alone in the class. (…) The text is a little melancholy, leaves room for the idyllic, the dream. I told myself that this was THE song I needed. I’m really proud to be part of this song.”reveals Théo during his interview for our antenna.

This new version of “Je cours” therefore corresponds perfectly to the universe of Théo who can proudly affirm: “It is often said that Colorless Night looks a lot like Kyo. In the tone of voice, in the texts and the melancholy.

This duet is an honor for the young artist, a big fan of Kyo since his childhood: “For me, Kyo is a timeless group. I can participate in something that made me grow, that even educated me. You should know that I listened to Kyo in my mountains. It was kind of the only group that was on the radio and that left an impression on me. I am very happy.»


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