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Stop number three in Milan for the Rock-Opera-Show toALL HEART” by Claudio Baglioni.

997 days after his goodbye from the musical scenes Claudio is in splendid shape and is the perfect protagonist and performer of his show.

A perfect concert, as usual, where Claudio does nothing wrong.
Scenography, choreography, dance troupe, music, band, his stage presence and his flawless perfect voice.
Claudio is meticulous on stage, attentive to everything. A thousand details, a thousand colors both sonic and visual.

What to say! Impeccable. Impossible to find something left to chance.

The perfect director of 101 professionals present together on stage: 21 multi-instrumentalists from the band-orchestra directed by Paolo Gianolio and 80 choristers, dancers, performers, including 28 young artists from the International Academy of Musical – some making their debut in a such an important production – curated by Enrico Sortino, directed by maestro Francesco Di Nicola, with the musical direction of Tommaso Vittorini.

All created and designed with GIULIANO PEPARINI, who took care of the artistic direction and theatrical direction.

The vital, pulsating and unstoppable heart of the protagonists of these dizzying climbs and descents along the imaginary scale of time beats to give a heart back to this present which seems to have lost it, and to remind actors and spectators that the only real, understandable time , which is truly worth living is the one that has the speed, cadence and rhythm of our heartbeat: the only reliable calendar/clock.

At the center the music is Claudio’s story. From the distant past to the present day in a coherent and well-articulated musical journey and all around his audience.

I want to tell four stories about his audience. Four fragments of everyday life, four photographs that I took in my mind during the three-hour show.

The first is that of a family: mother and father in their forties and a daughter aged ten at most. Mother and Father singing, often hand in hand. Their complicity could still be seen in their looks. Among them was her daughter, amused that she took the photos and videos in place of her two parents and that she knew Claudio’s songs, who knows how many times she must have heard them sung by her parents…

The second story is about three friends, I think. In his fifties, something less or something more.
Wild fans of Claudio. They knew all the songs. They danced, took photos, videos and had fun. Each with a life that is perhaps generous or perhaps not. But all three united by Claudio’s music and the thousand memories that accompanied them.

The third photograph is that of a young couple. At most thirty, thirty-five years. She was blonde, in a t-shirt, with showy tattoos on her arms and she danced and sang as much as she could, always standing and always moving. He sat throughout the concert, amused as he looked at her, photographed her and was continually filled with her.

The last photograph is the most tender one. Sitting in front of me was a mature couple. They must certainly have been in their seventies. He with his skin full of wrinkles and white hair, she is petite and immersed in his overly large coat. The time-worn eyes that have seen so much. He clumsily took videos and photos, perhaps to send to his children or grandchildren. Throughout the concert they held hands and sang softly together. A love that still lasted and which certainly had Baglioni’s music as its soundtrack.

This is Claudio’s audience, this is the heart that beats and marks the time.


I liked it in terms of the choreography of the dances and scenes Water from the moon, W England and Porta Portese. From a musical and arrangements point of view above all How many times, great charm and atmosphere with the orchestral arrangements.


I would say nothing. If I had to look for something, it was This little big love. Claudio at the piano without special effects in the dim light alone. Maybe too much honey and too hearty.


And how are you?
Give it the go
Water from the moon
With all the love I can
How many times
A little more
The best years
Never tomorrow
How I want you
Let me go away
Nothing more
And now the advertising
With all my heart
W England
Medley with It’s me, Heart of a glider, Man of various ages
The girls from the east
Lost men
We do not
Medley with Loves in progress, A new day a new day, With you
This little big love
Twelve notes
I am here
Medley with Amore bello, Solo, Saturday afternoon
Porta Portese
You will have
I would leave
A thousand days of you and me
And you
Along the way
Life is now

SCORE: 8.50



01/25/2024 – Pala Alpitour in TURIN
01/26/2024 – Pala Alpitour in TURIN
01/27/2024 – Pala Alpitour in TURIN
01/29/2024 – Arena Entertainment Fair of PADUA
01/30/2024 – Arena Spettacoli Fiera di PADUA
02/02/2024 – Unipol Arena in BOLOGNA
02/03/2024 – Unipol Arena in BOLOGNA
02/05/2024 – Mediolanum Forum in MILAN – NEW DATE
02/06/2024 – Mediolanum Forum in MILAN – NEW DATE
02/08/2024 – Nelson Mandela Forum in FLORENCE
02/09/2024 – Nelson Mandela Forum in FLORENCE
02/13/2024 – Pala Sele of EBOLI
02/14/2024 – Pala Sele of EBOLI
15/02/2024 – Pala Sele of EBOLI
02/17/2024 – Modigliani Forum in LIVORNO
02/22/2024 – Palazzo dello Sport in ROME
02/23/2024 – Palazzo dello Sport in ROME
02/24/2024 – Palazzo dello Sport in ROME
25/02/2024 – Palazzo dello Sport in ROME NEW DATE


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