Concert review – SLOWDIVE dreamlike essentiality (Info, lineup & tickets)

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First of SLOWDIVE’s two Italian concerts at Alcatraz in Milan.

The Milanese venue, completely sold out, hosted the rarefied and wave atmospheres of the English band.

A great and long-awaited return to Italy, a few months after the release of the new album “Everything Is Alive” (READ THE REVIEW)

Born in Reading, England in 1989, the band founded by Rachel Goswell (guitar and vocals) and Neil Halstead (guitar and vocals), guitarist Christian Savill, bassist Nick Chaplin and drummer Simon Scott, is considered among the main exponents of shoegaze genre. Having disbanded in 1995 and then reunited in 2014 with five albums, two collections and five EPs to their credit, they have defined a piece of history of British rock music and beyond.

Slowdive have once again managed in a live format to transport us into their parallel world, a universe made of labyrinthine soundscapes in continuous mutation between psychedelia, pulsating 80s electronic elements, new wave guitars and dilated atmospheres.

A concert of less than an hour and a half during which Rachel enchanted with her ethereal voice and Neil alternated moods and dreamlike atmospheres with pop dreams.

In the set only three songs taken from the latest album (Shanty, Skin In The Game and Kisses) the rest comes from their over thirty-year discography history.

The scenography is essential. No particular special effects other than basic light effects and a video that projected blurry, dilated and dimensional images.

The shoegaze attitude has been confirmed with the dialogue with the public reduced to the essential…thank you Milan, thank you…

A beautiful evening of good music played while waiting for the Sanremo feast.

It will be repeated in Bologna on 2 February.

For refined palates!


Star Roving
Catch The Breeze
Skins In The Game
Souvlaki Space Station
When The Sun Hits
40 Days
Sugar For The Pill
Golden Hair

SCORE 8.00


February 2 | Bologna @Estragon

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