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They say that going to concerts increases life expectancy. Just 20 minutes of live music releases oxytocin and dopamine, two hormones known to generate happiness and lift your spirits. Have you ever made friends at your favorite singer’s concert, right? The ease of socializing also increases when we are in this environment.

Artists like Michael Jackson, What in, David Bowie either Beyonce They have made history with their shows packed with audiences. Some even depicted in movies, others broadcast live, even available on YouTube. If we asked you which concert you would like to have experienced, which one comes to mind? We leave you ten historical shows that you would have dreamed of going to. And pay attention, because you still have time to experience one of them.

1. Queen – Wembley (1986)

Without a doubt Queen starred in one of the most historic concerts known. On July 12, 1986, Freddie Mercury managed to fill Wembley Stadium in London. and sing their best songs in front of more than 100,000 people after doing sold out in just a few hours. Something incredible at that time. Almost four decades later, that “EOOO EOOO” chorus from Queen remains iconic.

Freddie Mercury. / Paul Natkin

2. Live Aid – London Wembley / Philadelphia John F. Kennedy (1985)

Just one year before that legendary performance, on July 13, 1985, London and Philadelphia witnessed the largest musical event in history at the same time: Live Aid. A musical event organized to raise funds to end hunger in Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea.

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Their poster had names like David Bowie, Elton John, Queen, U2 either Mick jagger, and thanks to music, more than 140 million dollars were raised. Only 175,000 people had the opportunity to experience it livebut it was followed on television by more than two billion viewers.

3. Beyonce – Superbowl (2013) / Beyonce and Jay-Z – Barcelona (2018)

Seeing Beyoncé live is quite a spectacle. We agree. The reason why he sold out the tickets for his last visit to Spain in just a few minutes. Those who were able to witness him live will have a memory that will last a lifetime, but His performance in the Superbowl marked a before and afternot only in his career, but also in the history of those artists who perform at halftime of the famous game.

Those present (and the millions of people from their homes) were able to enjoy live Run the World (Girls), Love on Top, Crazy in love, End of Time, Baby Boy, Bootylicious, Independent Women Part I, Single Ladies and Halo. With fire, lights and an exemplary dance team, it was a 13-minute performance that has gone down in history.

4. The Rolling Stones, Glastonbury (2013)

More than 100,000 people enjoyed Jagger, Richards, Wood and Watts live at Glastonbury in 2013. The Rolling Stones They starred in a show followed by millions of people on television and, if you haven’t seen it yet, it is available on the Internet. Complete and so that you don’t miss any details.

5. Michael Jackson – Searchest (1992)

In 1992, Michael Jackson just released his album Dangeroushis eighth album with which he managed, two decades after beginning his musical career, to once again make history around the world. The King of Pop took his songs to more than 70 countries around the worldoffering one of his greatest performances in Bucharest in October 1992.

The Dangerous World Tour It was the American artist’s second world tour and with it he also managed to bring together more than 600,000 people in a single stadium in Mexico. Emotions were running high and more than one person would pay all their savings to experience such a high-level show again.

6. David Bowie, Glass Spider Tour (1987)

David Bowie got with Glass Spider Tour embark on the longest and most expensive tour of his career with a set called “the largest touring ensemble in history”. As if it were a play, Bowie used all kinds of techniques in his show: from spoken words to visual effects, theatrical lighting and video projection, creating a unique live performance that featured Peter Frampton’s guitar music.

David Bowie in 1987.

David Bowie in 1987. / Patrick Riviere

Although the artist had created something innovative in the history of rock, he would never repeat it again. The artist himself confessed what he was looking for with this great project: “It was written and structured with several thematic devices. If this works, the next step will be to write a piece specifically for arenas and stadiums, which is almost like taking a musical on tour that has a narrative form throughout, with a cast of characters. The idea was to be written for a kind of epic rock theater. “I’m trying things with this tour.”

7. OT1 in Concert – Madrid (2002)

More than two decades after experiencing one of the biggest fan phenomena that occurred in Spain, the public continues to remember the first edition of Triumph operation. A tour that filled 42 venues and succumbed to the prayers of more than half a million people who dreamed of seeing David Bisbal, Bustamante, Chenoa and Rosa live. It was the first time that a television phenomenon crossed the screen, and the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid witnessed it by bringing together more than 60,000 people in a single Show.

8. WECB 40th anniversary concert – Madrid (2006)

In 2006, WECB celebrated four decades of life and music. 40 years offering the best songs in a list that every artist would want to be part of. To celebrate, the Vicente Calderón Stadium in Madrid welcomed more than 50,000 people who enjoyed a unique concert that the most important music artists of that decade did not miss. Alejandro Sanz, Amaral, Ana Torroja, Antonio Carmona, Antonio Orozco, Antonio Vega, Ariel Rot, Celtas Cortos, Shakira, Rosario, Cómplices, Malú, Danza Invisible, David Bisbal, David DeMaría, El Canto del Loco, El Sueño de Morfeo either Tow They were some of the 46 artists who took to the stage in the capital. You were? We are sure that you would love to have been able to witness it.

El Canto del Loco, at the 40th Anniversary concert of WECB's Numbers 1.

El Canto del Loco, at the 40th Anniversary concert of WECB’s Numbers 1. / Gianni Ferrari/Cover/Getty Images

9. Concerts in the metaverse – Travis Scott, Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber

We have been hearing the word metaverse for years. A parallel world, a post-reality universe where several artists have already had the opportunity to perform. The famous video game Fornite has organized some of these concerts (within its own world) in which it has featured names like Ariana Grande, Lil Nas either Travis Scott, which brought together more than 28 million players at its concert. A virtual event that replicated bts in Minecraft in 2021. Can you imagine they would have been real and so easy to witness?

Nicki Nicole will give a concert in the Metaverse.

Nicki Nicole will give a concert in the Metaverse. / Photo courtesy of Wildbytes

10. Taylor Swift, The eras tour (2023)

After knowing everything behind a concert The Eras Tour by Taylor Switf has undoubtedly made history before finishing the tour. So, we cheat a little and bring you a live show that you will still have the opportunity to go to. If you are lucky and you have gotten tickets because they have flown.

Taylor Swift, on her The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift, on her The Eras Tour / TAS2023

The Eras Tour by Taylor Swift aims to be one of those great concerts that passes from generation to generation. A show that, in a few years, you will boast that you have lived for. Because no one does it like her, only Taylor Swift undergoes training prior to an iconic tour where each step has been worked out in detail to offer her fans a unique show that they will experience in dozens of cities around the world.


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