Daft Punk: a lost album could resurface

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One of the drummers from Daft Punk’s latest album has revealed the existence of an unreleased project from the duo dating from 2018. The musician evokes a “spontaneous” record and hopes to see it “come out of the closet” soon.

They are the most famous French duo of the last twenty years. Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and their futuristic headphones have created an unparalleled universe in the world of electronic music, and even pop. The announcement of their separation in 2021 had the effect of a bomb for the many fans of the group who were impatiently awaiting a sequel to the masterful project “Random Access Memories” unveiled in 2013. A record which includes some of the greatest hits from the group and electro in general, like “Instant Crush” or “Get Lucky”. In November 2023, the Parisians are offering their audience a consolation prize in the form of a “drumless” edition (without percussion) of their masterpiece for its 10th anniversary, but no prospects of reformation.

A lost album from 2018 very “ spontaneous »

The two Daft Punk are not inclined to make media statements, it is unlikely that they would have ever communicated about a lost album recorded in 2018. However, “Random Access Memories” has the specificity of being a very collaborative album. Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas and Nile Rodgers of course, but also many lesser known musicians participated to give the album a more organic sound. One of them, the drummer nicknamed Quinn, recently announced to the media alt.news 26:46 having worked on a completely new Daft Punk album in 2018: “ I was the last person to collaborate on ”RAM”. On the next album, I was the very first person “. Thus, the musician reveals having participated in the album which should have followed the 2013 album.

Immersed in the heart of the creative process of this album, Quinn makes his mouth water by evoking the innovations experimented during the recording session: “This unnamed record will have, I think, a lot of spontaneous things”. The musician remembers one of these musical eccentricities: “ I put my kick pedal on the piano strings inside and played like a kicker. The guys loved it. I don’t know if it will be kept on the disk. It was the craziest and weirdest sounding thing “.

The long-awaited return?

Since the duo separated in 2021, numerous rumors about a possible return have all ended in a cold shower. The architects of “One More Time” had notably been approached to open the ceremony for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, a rumor denied almost immediately. The drummer nevertheless has good hope of one day seeing this unfinished project see the light of day: “ I was told they were working on it. It will soon come out of the closet. »

If Daft Punk are separated, they are not retired. Thomas Bangalter, for example, has just signed the soundtrack for the film “Daaaaaali” starring Gilles Lellouche, Pierre Niney and Jonathan Cohen, scheduled for February 9 at the cinema. A soundtrack which will be released in the form of a limited edition vinyl on the Ed Banger label, a legendary French electro label which counts groups like Justice in its ranks.

This new announcement from Quinn reignites a spark that seemed very extinguished. Daft Punk’s latest statements were indeed unequivocal. After unveiling his classical music album last April, Thomas Bangalter declared: “ I’m relieved and happy to look back and say, ‘Okay, we didn’t really miss our adventure.’ “. Will the two friends take the risk by revealing this famous lost record? Nothing is less certain but we remain hopeful.


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