Dani Fernández advances the title and release date of ‘the first crack’ by ‘La Jauría’

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There’s nothing left to listen to the new of Dani Fernandez. Next Thursday, January 18the artist will release ‘Everything changes’the preview of what will be their new album.

After setting his Instagram to zero and telling us about ‘La Jauría’, the singer is excited to tell his followers everything that is about to come out. “#LaJauría has arrived”he confirms, and there is only one week left to hear his first notes.

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“As if you put a distorted glass between us and it doesn’t let you see who I really am. The pack represents a little of the world we live in. A world that moves so fast that many times we do not realize what is really happening,” begins the video that Dani Fernández has brought to light. Dark images with a message that previews his new project and that we are looking forward to hearing.

“The pack are opinions, judgments that become universal truths. The pack is noise, a lot, a lot of noise, and in the middle of all that noise I am. “Stuck in a small glass box from which everyone can see me.”he continues, to finally give what could be, the first title of everything that is to come: “This year I break my glass box and the first crack is called Everything changes”.

A brief farewell

On October 7, Dani Fernández said goodbye to the stage “for a while” with a concert at the Fiestas del Pilar (Zaragoza) and an emotional farewell at La Riviera in Madrid, where his long tour began. The artist decided to take a break to be able to enjoy the birth of his daughter Belize, the result of his relationship with the singer Yarea Guillén, but it seems that the break has been brief.

After seeing the Wizink Center packed with their music and a tour of more than two years throughout the country, it is clear that ‘Between doubts and chance’ has taken the artist to the top of the Spanish music scene, and he is looking forward to returning.

What is #LaJauría?

We still don’t know what else he has to tell us, but Dani Fernández may have given us some clues about this new project just a year ago, when he shared on X – formerly Twitter – some verses that include the same words he announced in his publication: “You were telling me about a place that you loved. I could feel you going down my throat. I don’t know who you are and I don’t need it. “It doesn’t convince me and then everything changes.”

Will it coincide with your next song? We will only have to wait a week to discover it and continue to pay attention to their social networks, where they leave us small glimpses of everything that is to come.


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