Dani Fernández and Paula Cendejas visit the Operación Triunfo Academy

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The gala 10 Triumph operation He left us two great protagonists, with the permission of the triumphs of course: Dani Fernandezwho was the guest artist who performed after the contestants’ performances and Paula Cendejaswho was very excited when he found out that Paul Thin I was going to sing one of his latest songs, Paenamorar.

After the gala review with Noemi Galera and Manu Guixthe triumphants received in the hall Dani Fernandez, who released live yesterday Todo Cambio, the first single from his latest album. Around one thirty in the afternoon the artist entered the Academy to chat for a while with Paul, Ruslana, Bea, Juanjo, Naiara, Martin and Luke. Danny He began by showing them his admiration and respect for putting up with the pressure of living for so long inside that bubble: “You don’t know how much I admire you for being able to be here. I have spoken with colleagues from previous seasons and it is true that over time you forget but what you are experiencing is something very very strong” and I ask them: “How do you always stay focused?“. To which Naiara replied that “you have to keep the focus there, on what we all want, which is to be someone in the world of music, I believe, for my part, have the focus there and in moments of downturn I grab part of among us. Grab a friend and ‘give me a hug, I need it.'”

Dani Fernandez He also remembered his time in Junior Eurovisionback in 2006, and performance in the final, representing Spain in Romania: “I experienced something similar because I wasn’t there all day, we went out to the hotel with our parents and I see myself very reflected, because all that excitement of what I experienced in those moments comes back to me again, the emotion, the enthusiasm that you have for your work. .. In the end, what you want is something that I have also been living with my day to day life, in the music industry you learn all the time“.

My advice is that you don’t get overwhelmed, that you let yourself go, that there is no rush for things. If there is something that I have realized since I started at Auryn, that I was 18 years old, and now I am 32, a lot of things have happened and if there is one thing I have realized, it is that there is no rush. They are going to rush you, in general and yourselves. When I left Auryn I rushed myself… when you leave, some of your companions have already taken things out, you will be nervous but You have to calm yourselves because you are lucky to have a base, there are many people who already know you“said the artist from Alcázar de San Juan.

He went on to tell the contestants that “When I left Auryn it was an experience very similar to yours, for me everything was very fantasy, I was living my dream. Also, an audience very similar to you, people who love you very much, very intensely, so I When I left there everything was over, it was like a shock of reality and saying ‘What do I do now? I have been singing with my group for seven years, we have gone to Wizink, we have toured, we have gone to Mexico, Argentina and suddenly it’s over.’ And of course, how do you manage it? The industry is shittier than it seems“.

Yesterday when I performed I was nervous. I have been singing since I was very little but I have a lot of respect for my Operación Triunfo“, be sincere Dani Fernandez with the OT 2023 contestants, who also explained the concept of his new album, The pack: “The song I sang yesterday is called ‘Everything changes’ and The concept of my album speaks a little about how exposed people are now.. It doesn’t talk about my personal life because in the end we artists are very exposed, but in reality People are also very exposed to social networks, everyone can give their opinion… And now you are living the ultimate example of ‘La Jauría’“he recalled Dani Fernandez about his performance at Gala 10 Triumph operation.

The artist also spoke about the speed of the music industry and the ephemerality of today’s music: “There are things in life that go so fast… being a perfectionist almost doesn’t give you time. Everything goes like disk, disk, disk, disk… what you have here, This peace, although right now I was telling you that it is a crazy thing, it makes me a bit envious and everything. Because you have an illusion and it can be seen in your face, that is very beautiful. Then outside it is much more than taking a machine gun and going to war with what you can.”

And he advised them that the decisions in their musical career are important for them to make themselves “because in the end you are responsible for your career“and gave as an example Amaia since “she was in no hurry to get what she wanted.”

The visit of Paula Cendejas

This Tuesday the contestants of Operation Triunfo 2023 They have had a double visit; after the talk with Dani Fernandez, Paula Cendejas has taken over and has taken the opportunity to do “emotional therapy” with the winners after the expulsion of Chiara and with the final just around the corner.

To start, the Cendejas has started by congratulating Paul for the performance and interpretation of his song Paenamorar: “Well Paul… I loved it, I loved it very much. In fact What I liked the most was how you interpreted the song, because I saw a little how you prepared it with Abril and literally what I felt is what you feel. So I think it’s very nice that you managed to connect and interpret it that way, that is, congratulations. Also for that visibility that you have given to the song.”

When he found out that Paul had become a finalist for Operation Triunfo 2023next to Naiara and Juanjo, Paula admitted that “I started screaming… With my song, I was very excited.”

“I think that you have to enjoy the process and the last push you have left. You are here, it is the final stretch, I think that is the most important thing, try to enjoy the process that is sometimes the most complicated. It’s been crazy outside, everyone has already told you, it’s been incredible, but trying to enjoy the process, that last push, enjoy each other, connect… Because then, I think that when you leave here it will not be the same,” advised the artist who, in addition, admitted that she saw the last gala and that “I enjoyed it with my wine.”

The seed of everything is doing it from the heart, whatever you do. I know that when you go out it’s going to be a stir, that you’re going to feel overwhelmed by people, that you’re probably going to say ‘I don’t even know what I want to do’, but if that happens to you, retreat without fear and try to find your own essence and write about what you want“, advised the interpreter of for you.

When composing, do not prohibit yourself from anything, let yourself, write from the heart and then leave it, a couple of days, a month, whatever it takes and then come back to it. Give it time and give yourselves freedom.”he advised Paula Cendejas to the contestants in relation to the composition


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