Dani Fernández: “I had to gain absolute confidence in myself to make this album”

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Dani Fernández returns to WECB Global Show to present the new era that has just inaugurated with Everything changes, cover letter of his third studio album. The singer talks to Tony Aguilar about pressures, changing diapers and the next WiZink Center in his career.

‘The Pack’ by Dani

The pack It is an album that I have a lot of love for and a lot of respect for because it has not been as easy as I thought.. It’s also because of the pressure I put on myself as a musician. The pack It talks about the judgments and opinions to which we expose ourselves. I have experienced it firsthand, but talking to a lot of people I have realized that all of us who live in the world are victims of this pack that is public exposure, the one that we find when we upload a photo to social networks. . “Everyone can have an opinion about everyone.”

The pressure after two successful albums

“When I started composing this album I was in a world of insecurities and blocks when it came to composing. When you make a third album, the first two come to mind and you say: how do I improve this? Apart from the success, on a musical level, they were very important. She did not know what to do. It is not so easy for an artist to face a new artistic stage. I felt a little like that with the third album. In the end I’m a little afraid in case I don’t like it and everything isn’t the same as before. But I got over that bump. I have had to gain absolute confidence in myself and my entire team. That’s why I called him too The pack”.

Your next WiZink Center

“Let’s do The pack on WiZink. I have several concepts. We have had a meeting to see what we are going to do. It has to be a 360. I like that when you go to a concert it is an experience. I like that the music is totally live, but we have to give it one more point and take care of the project. Let people leave saying: ‘What happened?’ In the previous WiZink I left everything, even the pasta, and in this one we are going to do the same”.

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be dad

“I’m very happy. I thought it was going to be worse for me. They don’t give you an instruction book, but I’m very happy. The connection I already have with my girl is brutal. One of the things that was going through my mind was: ‘What will happen to Dani when I see her for the first time?’ And it’s really crazy. I remember a lot about my parents, now I understand many things. It was a trial by fire for me. I have always thought that I live life intensely and that I am a mess. Having this girl was a trial by fire. I’ll be ready? Will I be up to it? But the truth is that very good.”

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