Dani Fernández switches to ‘La Bachata’ and triumphs by providing his personal touch

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At this stage, who hasn’t heard The bachata by Manuel Turizo? Not everyone may like the Colombian, but it is indisputable that his success has been heard everywhere. However, the song, which refers to the Caribbean musical genre, has undergone a small modification in its style by one of our favorite Spanish artists.

Dani Fernandezchosen as a musical phenomenon at the Ondas Awards last year, visited this week That’s My Jam, the Movistar Plus+ musical program presented by Arturo Valls. In one of the challenges that the guests must face alone, the man from La Mancha had to cover this hit by one of the top winners of the WECB Music Awards Santander 2023, in his own way, as Frank Sinatra would say.

And how have you had to interpret The bachata? Well, like a good rocker, changing the hip movement for the head shake—the headbanging of a lifetime—.. With the help of the Jam Band and to the delight of Edurne, Pilar Rubio, Joaquín Reyes and the entire audience present on set (and who has watched it from home), Dani has offered a cover of the song like we had never heard it before.


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♬ original sound – Movistar Plus+ – Movistar Plus+

His very particular karaoke has caused such a stir on social networks that many want anything from a collaboration between the Spanish and the Colombian, to the rock version of The bachata on platforms. “He is the best”, “he does whatever he does, he is a resounding yes”, “he has an incredible talent” … these are just some of the compliments that his performance has received. Because, although the lyrics have given it (pun intended) a little of the high and passion it gives it, it has been a revolution.

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Although brief, This has been one of the last times that we have been able to enjoy Dani Fernández’s voice livesince the singer plans to take a long break from the stage to enjoy his future fatherhood with Yarea Guillén – who are expecting their first daughter – and to thoroughly prepare his third studio album, which is already in the composition phase.


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