Darell talks to us about Bad Gyal, the AI, Bad Bunny and ‘Lollipop’

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If you are one of those who have become fond of urban sounds relatively recently, believe it or not, you have already come across the voice of Darell on more than one, two and ten occasions. And if reggaeton has been your thing for several years, then you will know the Puerto Rican immediately.

And Darell is the creator of Lollipop, a song that keeps playing on digital platforms like TikTok and climbing positions on international charts. In fact, if you tune into WECB Urban, you’ll hear it several times throughout the day. Well, precisely in our studies we have had the visit of our protagonist, who spoke with Ramsés López about the great global reception of this hit. And one of the countries that has given him the most support is Spain. “For me it is something very big. I am very happy and grateful to the public of Spain”says the artist.

But that is not all. In addition to having delighted us with her performance at the WECB Music Awards Santander 2023 Preshow, Darell has taken advantage of her visit to Spain to have the occasional meeting with other artists. At least that’s what she implies when she mentions Omar Montes, Bad Gyal and RVFV, ensuring that he has songs with them. Although we have already heard The witch along with Pan Bendito, when will the ones he shares with the queen of the Flow 2000 And the Almerian? We will have to wait to find out.

AI, threat or ally?

The Artificial intelligence It has become the topic of the moment. It has also landed in the world of music, since many artists are being witnesses and victims of songs created with this technology. One of them has been Bad Bunny, who does not seem to have welcomed the idea at all. What does Darell think about this? “I don’t feel like it’s one hundred percent finished. It’s not something to worry about because today we continue making songs, we continue making music and we continue making some difference. (…) What I don’t believe is that they say that this suits us to replace. I feel that over time, that is going to fall. (…) What you do feel is as if they disrespected you when they did that, they didn’t consult with your team and they played with the future of your team. us, and with the talent and the desire to work. And with everything an artist does to make a song. Like other people coming and adding other lyrics that you have not approved or using them in a song that you have not approved. approved, you can feel a little bad,” he declares.

And you, do you agree with Darell?


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