Def Leppard: “We are a patient band”

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This Friday May 27 comes out Diamond Star Halos, the new album from the British hard rock band Def Leppard. Joe Elliott (vocals) and Rick Savage (bass) talk about the creative process, their influences and returning to the stage.

Diamond Star Halos comes out seven years after its predecessor, is it the right time?

Joe Elliott : We had originally planned to release it in 2021, but we decided not to release it in the middle of the pandemic. It’s more consistent than waiting a year (or more) before going on tour, the opposite would have made no sense for us.

Seven years also separate the two previous albums, Def Leppard And Songs From The Sparkle Lounge.

Rick Savage : We are accustomed to this type of delay. Even before that, it took us a while to release Hysteria and Pyromania, even High ‘n’ Dry, because we had to wait for Mutt Lange to finish working on 4 of Foreigner. Waiting between two albums has never been a problem for us, because it has always served us well in the end. We are a patient group. Once an album is released, you can’t go back. We prefer quality over quantity.

Diamond Star Halos is a direct reference to T. Rex, with whom you have a special bond.

Joe Elliott : Marc Bolan, T. Rex and color TV came into our lives at the same time, when we were 12 years old. And it stays with you, it’s part of your identity when you build yourself, then it becomes a source of inspiration, just like David Bowie and Queen. My very first concert was a T. Rex concert when I was 12, I don’t know how my parents let me go. It changed my life, it was like Disneyland on steroids. Diamond Star Halos is a reference that has been circulating between us for 15 years, we love the way it sounds.

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Diamond Star Halos is available


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