Dementia Infantil releases its single, “Famoso”

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The band breaks molds in their new sonic journey.

Childhood Dementiathe Mexican no wave band, takes a bold turn with their latest single, “Famous”. This song, created by improvisations thanks to the inclusion of two new members.

“Famous” It is revealed to be electric and explosive, where the band’s voices intertwine perfectly with precise sounds. The song emanates a unique vibration, transporting the listener to the very essence of its cover. Childhood Dementia persists in leaving its mark on the music scene, exploring avant-garde sound territories and consolidating itself as a reference in Mexican no wave.

Originally from Mexico City, Childhood Dementia He stands out in the no wave genre. Its musical identity is forged in the interaction between the members, who decided to free themselves from conventional musical conventions, seeking a more risky approach.

At the end of 2019, they began creating their first compositions, fusing ideas through improvised sessions.

The band, composed of Arturo García, Claudio Jurado, Emiliano Tinajera, Santiago Vázquez, Sebastián (a) Morado and Yago Garrastatxuhave managed to carve out a unique and daring sound identity.

“Famous” redefines musical boundaries and promises an exciting sonic journey.


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