Denna (OT 2023): “I don’t know what has been seen outside with Álex, but we are very friends and we have a lot of love and respect for each other”

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Life at the Academy continues, but now without Denna. The singer has been left out of OT 2023 after becoming the third expelled from its edition. However, despite not continuing in the race for victory, she is determined to work hard and make the artistic project that is presented to her work with the new year that arrives. At WECB we spoke with her about the opportunity she represents Triumph operationhis non-relationship with Álex and the jury’s decisions that have accompanied him practically from the beginning.

Participate in ‘OT 2023’

“I always want to continue growing and Triumph operation It is the perfect platform for that. For visibility. Because of the teachers who are incredible. It was the point I needed. I have been working very hard for many years in my professional career and in my university career.”

The jury’s decisions

“I have tried to take it in the best possible way and make it a driving force to continue forward. They nominated me, but with what they told me I also went up (…) The jury has a very complicated position. This year there is a high level and they have to take advantage of the small mistakes that there are. Luckily or unfortunately I have been nominated four out of four. I have done my full job and I had to leave, but it is an incentive to continue working now more than ever.”.

The contestants of 'Operación Triunfo 2023'  They leave the Academy for Christmas: key dates and changes
The contestants of ‘Operación Triunfo 2023’ leave the Academy for Christmas: key dates and changes

Behaviors in the Academy

“I knew what we were coming for, but knowing it is not the same as living it. I love every person in the Academy as if they were my brother.. As soon as one had a problem it was solved immediately. Triumph operation It is a period of adaptation and as time goes by it will be much better.”

The 16 of us are going to work to succeed and open a niche for ourselves in the music industry


Prepare for the outdoors

“The psychologist of Triumph operation it’s marvelous. Each one manages it in a different way. I didn’t expect to take the expulsion like that. I’m leaving the place of my dreams, but I talked to her and she was super cool. She saw me calm. I feel like now the work is coming.”

His relationship with Alex

“Álex has been a fundamental pillar for me in Triumph operation. He is a true friend who has helped me, supported me and been there. I love him very much and I am very fond of him. I don’t know exactly what was seen outside because I didn’t have time to see anything, but we are very close friends. We have respect and affection”.

Denna and Álex at the Academy

Denna and Álex at the Academy

Your artistic project

“A lot of Denna is coming. I have come out very strongly because I want to work and now I have the opportunity that I have been waiting for so much. There’s a really cool song coming up that I’ll record in January., when Christmas is over. I don’t know when it will come out because I don’t even know where I am right now. But the song…you are going to dance fabric.”

Succeed outside of ‘OT’

“It is very difficult for everyone to succeed, they have told us a lot. When Maialen came to the Academy…that talk motivated us all. He told us that it was not just filling states, that not everyone succeeds. And yes, it is very good, but you have to go with a different mentality. You have to go with the mentality of doing it. If you yourself think that you are not going to make it, you are going to stay with something smaller. We all have that fear, but at 16 we are going to work to succeed and open a niche for ourselves in the music industry.”.

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