Denna talks about her coffee with Lola Índigo: “I hope a collaboration comes out of this”

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OT 2023 contestants are living a dream. And his careers in the music industry have only just begun. In this way, the artists’ first singles are already coming out on the platforms. One of the last to bring up the song was Denna, who released the song by Amazon Music last Friday. 404. A mix between pop and urban that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

After leaving the Academy, Denna is having great moments outside. At the moment she has been able to meet one of her idols. Nothing more and nothing less than Lola Indigo. It is worth remembering that the young woman sang the song The Dragon in the program. A version that the GRX interpreter heard.

Now, Denna has spoken about the meeting she had with Lola Índigo. He did it together with Víctor de La Torre in an interview he had with WECB Barcelona with some of the former talent contestants.

Víctor De La Torre has noticed that the two artists follow each other on social networks. In this way, he wanted to know if they have exchanged messages. “He answered me. We were talking when I left the program. He told me that he saw my performance and that he loved it. For me it was already incredible that he knew about my existence because I am a big fan,” acknowledges Denna.


😮 @denna.ot2023 li ha tirat fitxa a @lola indigo! Hi haurà surprise? I would love it!💖 💻Watch the candid interview with @Víctor de la Torre on the YT channel #pertu #operaciontriunfo #ot #parati #fyp #coti

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The coffee that Denna had with Lola Indigo

But the thing has not stopped there. Denna and Lola Índigo came to meet to meet. This is what Denna said at the meeting we organized:

“So we started talking and one day we met up for coffee. It was super good. She’s gorgeous, you already know her. She’s a sweetheart. I felt very identified with her and she gave me very good advice. I hope a collaboration comes out of this.”

Without a doubt, OT fans would love to see a collaboration between Denna and Lola Indigo. And the two artists have many things in common: from their passion for dance to their musical tastes. Furthermore, they are both from Granada.


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