Spring 2023 DJs


Siena Brolin and Henry Cheney - Sleepy Siena

River Caraballo- River’s Record Shop

Hannah Waldron- History of Hip Hop

Sofia Giarusso- Homegrown Noise

Ryan Kipnis and Ava Tribe- Environmental Hour

Aryan Chaudhari- Raw Cuts

Will Ingman- Punk Jams 4 Disaffected Youth

Arlo Winokur- Asteroid Blues

Mackenzie Wren and Lauren Larking- girls, interrupting

Natalia De Zubiaurre, Caroline Porell, Jordan Sahley - Graveyard Shift

Matthew Pelton and Nick Warner- I Can’t Believe This Got Greenlit

Bella Ercolano and Manni Burach- M&B Undercover

Ethan Halperin and Vincent Kunawicz- R&B in Y2K

Karenna Umscheid- Throne of Blood

Emma Wood- Songs My Dad Likes

Brooke Vickerman- Honeysuckle

Sami Edelman and Lily Farr- LipService

Devin Turcotte- Music Mayhem

Joe Nalieth- RadiJoe

Josie Arthur- Texas Pete

Tess Meersman and Matthew Kugel- The Core of It

Sienna Leone- Main Character Complex

Sophie Dodd and Sasha Winett- Mind of a Goldfish

Emily Hughes- Bird Songs

Zoe O’Neil- Tunespotting

Emma Doherty- Grey Poupon Curated

Grace Twomey- Rock Bottom

Elizabeth Fuire- The Biggest Fan

Eden Solomon and Chela Wetzel- Back to the Garden

Cate Cianci and Jake Knapp- Amoebae

James Blinken- Yesterday, This Morning!

Cate Lolan Bans- Rabbit Hole Radio

Jack Mitchell- Space Dog Radio

Hilary Block- Root Beer Float

Amanda Jacobson and Allie Keith- Manic Pixie Movie Girls

Land of Dreams- Astrid Ortega

Benjamin Aliber- Bruins on Point

Jonah Edgar- The Astral Pages

Tozghan Nurlan- Paracetamol FM

David Shird- Lonely Lovers Club

Max Vukovic- Deep Waters

Elizabeth Willsey, Zoe Doldge- 10 Million Pounds of Sludge 

Dylan Boyd and Amelia Oei- Digital Radio

Julianna Saggio and Julia Federing- Astral Influence

Willow Torres- Thrift Store Couch

Sommer Stokes and Amber Dunning- Overlap

Noah Matalon- The Bear’s Den

Annabelle Polak- Polak on the Rock

Isabella Gilette- Ambivalent Melodies

Izzy Desmarais- Pitch Deck

Noah Rothman- Roth.FM

Brigs Larson- Cowboy Boot Camp

Sonny Aronow- Live from the Smart Fridge

Brody Menzies- Tonal Suppository

Simon Pollard- Anarchy From the UK

Julia Norkus- Lavender Tea

Chela Wetzel- Manipulation Station

Riley Littleton- Crowdkill

Ursula Talbot, Charlize Tabrizi and Eva Prinzi- Mocha & Music 

Lydia Aga- Diggin’ Thru Da Diaspora

Olivia Cowie, Elizabeth Sone- Almost Famous

Rona Medovoiklotz, Ruby Patrick- No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice!

Maura Cowan- Soundscape Scrapbook

Samuel Dallas- The Beyond

Milk Crate Staff- Staff Pix

Stephanie Weber- The Chart

Jr McLachlan- Caribbean Melting Pot

Izzy Astuto, Sadie Swayze, Casey Richards- Bradt- Video Killed the Radio Star

Lauren Smith and Sofia Mendes- Penny for Your Thoughts

Katherine Casey and Samantha Cook- Me When I…

Sienna Leone, River Carabello, Penelope Patsis- Honorary Roomies

Mimi Halpern, Cici Sherman- Happy Campers

Katherine Asselin- Cinnamon Toast

Georgia Decker and Kaya Greenland- Now & Then

Henry Alexander and Ray Cheverton- Cold Reads

Ethan Cooney, Matthew Powell, Nathaniel Maymundes- Futbol is Life

Amya Gonzalez-Mollmann- The One

Ruth G’Slassie, Elle Baray-Forget- Auditory Illusion

Noah Massey and Honah Hodari- Rat Chat

Jack Vento- Track Team

Nahisha Jackson- Certified Hater

Dailey Newcomb- The Darkroom

Oliver Katz and Jonathon Balboni- Flames of Folk

Sabrina Lam and Christian Jones- After Hours

Geoffrey Abrams and Ben Putney- Ear Travel

Hannah Bambach and Spencer DeLorenzo- Aural Sex

Auden Day- The Night Kitchen

Minna Abdel-Gawad, Morgan Wuhrl, Isabel Ingersoll 

And Isabella Mule- Vibe Shift

Max Lasky and Jack Kaplan- Dairy Milk

Robin Jacobson- The Muse

Farah Rincon and Madeleine Kendris- Archive 404

Mason Jeffrey and Anne O’Leary- Polar Opposites

Luke Joyce- Loose List

Strummer Kellett and Dawson Green- Sleazeball Station

Taylor Penny- Blast of Silence

Katharine Howell and Estelle Monteith- ME by US

Tessa Donahue- Weekly Basis

Belle Fortebuono, Tove Jegues, Hayley Kaufer- Three Nice Girls

Carina Pray- PARTY-42

Brigs Larson and Claire Moriarty- Chicken Scratch

Nick Onufrak, Joshua Fergang, and Wyatt Andraos- Boy Time

Rew Denneno- Rew’s Tunes (and Talk)