Does Justin Timberlake have an upcoming project?

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The return of Justin Timberlake is highly anticipated, 6 years after “Man of the Woods”. Fans are getting impatient but there are clues that lead them to believe that it is imminent.

Justin Timberlake towards a new era? That’s what fans of the ex-NSYNC singer seem to think. Monday January 8, Justin Timberlake made a first major change since he deleted all the posts from his Instagram page, the featured stories and his biography also disappeared. The only thing he kept was his profile picture, an image of his eyes staring piercingly into a rearview mirror.

On X (formerly Twitter), fans were quick to comment on this sudden cleaning of his page. And speculation is rife on the social network. Indeed, according to them, the singer uses the technique used by pop artists, like Dua Lipa or Taylor Swift, to promote a new project in progress. “ Spread the word to everyone. Justin Timberlake is coming! #JT6isComing #NewEra “, tweeted a fan. “ So the next time Justin Timberlake changes his profile picture we’ll have the lead single omg I’m crying and I’m screaming “, another fan speculated, while a third wrote that Timberlake ” watch social media for his imminent return with new music “. Conclusion: his new album would be coming very soon.

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This Wednesday, the interpreter of “Cry Me a River” gave a little more food for thought to his 75 million subscribers. Indeed, he published a carousel which, although mysterious, seems to confirm the rumors. We see a wanted poster for Justin Timberlake, a film set (for a music video?) but above all a mysterious hard drive, placed in the back of a car. On the hard drive, the inscriptions “EITIW” are engraved in markers, initials which he also indicated in the caption. A new era or a new single? “ Whatever it is I hope it comes out Friday » we can read in the comments. Justin Timberlake is preparing a huge surprise for us in addition to his unique show planned in Memphis, his hometown. We should be fixed quickly.

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