DRILLIONAIRE and the urban elite at the Forum in Milan (Gallery, lineup and guests)

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Last night the Mediolanum Forum in Milan hosted the DRILLIONAIRE show, which brought its most incredible successes live and shared the stage with many guests.

On stage there was a succession of hits forged by the producer: Lazza, BLANCO, Sfera Ebbasta, Guè, Tony Effe, ANNA, Paky, Noemi, Mahmood, Charlie Charles, Tedua, Rhove, Drefgold, Taxi B and Sapo Bully.

The concert saw an uninterrupted sequence of successes performed by some of the artists with the highest number of listeners in Italy, in fact the total streams of the songs performed during the evening were over 1 billion, the highest number ever brought on stage in a single live date.

I feel really happy and proud of what we have accomplished.

It is the first time in Italy that a producer has created an event of this magnitude, at the Forum, and this “record” makes me incredibly proud.

In life I have always tried to give my best, I started with a football career and landed in music, raising the bar in what I do is a challenge that has always stimulated me and I hope it can open and broaden the path for other producers .

This date necessarily had to be in Milan: I felt I had to give something back to this city, which was the place that raised me and is still my artistic home, a little New York.”

The performances of Drillionaire and the other artists involved alternated on the 5 ad hoc stages, each linked to a natural element: an “earth” stage, from which the artist recounted his first steps in music; a “fire” stage, which symbolized the moment in which the producer decided to make a change in his life and career; a “water” stage, which collected the most difficult moments, those of freediving; finally, two “air” stages which conveyed the phase and emotions that the artist has been experiencing in recent months.


1. Intro
2. BOSS feat. Tony Effe
3. BALACLAVA feat. Tony Effe
4. TAXI ON THE MOON feat. Tony Effe
5. P feat. Tony Effe 6. EFFE feat. Tony Effe
7. SNITCH E IMPICCI feat. Drefgold, Taxi B, Sapo Bully
8. FORBIDDEN feat. Taxi B, Mahmood
9. BLAUER feat. Paky
10. MAMA I’M A CRIMINAL feat. Paky
11. STAR feat. Paky
12. BIBIDI BOBIDI feat. Paky
13. TAKE 4
16. DESOLE’ feat. Rhove
17. WORDS feat. Lazza, Noemi, Tedua
18. MOLOTOV feat. Lazza
19. ALYX feat. Lazza
20. LIE feat. Lazza
21. RELEASED FROM JAIL feat. Lazza
22. FASHION feat. Lazza, ANNA, Tony Effe
24. YALLA feat. Gué
25. TIK TOK RMX feat. Guè, Paky, Sfera Ebbasta
26. GELOSA feat.Sfera Ebbasta, Guè
27. ALLELUIA feat. Sfera Ebbasta
28. VIDA LOCA feat. Sfera Ebbasta, Charlie Charles
29. G63 feat. Sfera Ebbasta, Lazza
30. 10 feat. Sfera Ebbasta, Lazza
31. RAINING feat. Sfera Ebbasta, Lazza
32. BON TON feat. Sfera Ebbasta, Lazza, BLANCO






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