Dua Lipa gives new details about her new album: 11 songs, without ballads and with references to Massive Attack

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Now, yes: 2024 is going to be the year of Dua Lipa. The British star has returned in style with Houdini, the first single from their highly anticipated third studio album. After the success of Future Nostalgia (2024), the singer faced a challenge: to surprise her audience again. A very complicated task, especially considering that the album became one of the most listened to of that year and one of the best valued by critics. Proof that the album was a total success is that Dua Lipa has been living off this era for almost four years. Crazy time considering how music is consumed nowadays!

But Dua Lipa has already changed her hair color (the artist has bet everything on red) with what this entails: launching a new musical era.

The young woman, who already took Houdini in November, continues to reveal new details about this highly anticipated album. The singer has starred in a new interview for Rolling Stone where he has revealed some details.

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The number of songs and the sound

As Dua Lipa confirmed in the interview, The new album will have eleven songs. Two less than Future Nostalgia, which had 13 (if we don’t count the Deluxe version).

Furthermore, the young woman has assured that for the creation of this album she has been inspired by two legendary groups from the eighties, scratching those sounds with which an entire generation grew up: Massive Attack and Primal Scream. The former is known for including ambient noises in his productions and the latter for his rock’n roll sound full of electric guitars, drums and even trumpets. A union that can be explosive in Dua’s music.

And, as Dua Lipa has revealed, this new album is going to be a tribute to the rave culture of the United Kingdom with touches of psychedelic pop. This has also been reflected in the aesthetics that he is beginning to use for this era. Dua Lipa has put aside the glamor of the previous stage and opts for a more underground style that takes us to the Brit-pop of the nineties.

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A review of DL3

In the words of Rolling Stone journalist Brittany Spanos, who has listened to Dua Lipa’s new album:

“The final product is uniquely and absolutely Dua Lipa: danceable and self-confident pop, full of clever phrases to upload to Instagram. Many of the songs are playful scenes from clubs or nights out with friends; The lyrics alternate between warnings that he will quickly escape and optimism about what a first kiss could turn out to be. There are no sweeping ballads, although there is a good false ballad that blossoms into a more buoyant moment inspired by Carole King and Fleetwood Mac. Overall, this album is pure pop bliss, not unlike their Future Nostalgi approachto”.

The journalist also describes the themes of some songs: from the sadness of ending a relationship to the search for maturity. “When you have a feeling like that, you feel very mature because you think, ‘Wow, I’m such a mature human being that I can watch my ex move on and feel good about it.’ I think I’ve had breakups in my life where I felt that the only kind of breakup you could have was when things ended really badly,” Dua Lipa said about this last song.

Without a doubt, Dua Lipa has one of the albums of the year on her hands. We will have to wait to find out the release date. Let’s hope it’s soon.


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