Dua Lipa responds at the Golden Globes: her career as an actress or as a singer?

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Barbie It has been one of the films that has occupied the social conversation of this edition of the Golden Globes and, therefore, its protagonists. One who did not want to miss the appointment was Dua Lipa. The singer, who will soon release her new studio album, walked the carpet as an artist – she is part of the film’s soundtrack – but also as an actress in the feature film.

Although Barbie has a very small role, there are many who wonder if Dua Lipa will continue to experience that facet and, if so, if she will combine it with being one of the most important artists of her generation. Well, she is very clear about it. Her career as an actress or as a singer? This was the question she was asked during her walk on the Golden Globes carpet and the answer leaves no room for doubt… in principle.

Dua Lipa on the 2024 Golden Globes carpet / Lionel Hahn

“I had a great time at Barbie. I also made another film called Argylle, which premieres on February 2 and which I am very excited about. “I loved the experience,” Dua Lipa responded before clarifying that music is above everything. “Right now music is my biggest priority. This year he released an album, but who knows? I have loved acting and I have enjoyed it a lot, but music. “Music comes first”.

Dua Lipa’s long-awaited comeback

When Dua Lipa says that music is her top priority it makes sense. And the popstar is preparing for the launch of his third album. It’s been a while since we could hear Houdinicover letter of this album. But this is just the beginning of everything to come.

In recent years, in addition to trying her luck in the world of acting, the singer has been locked in the recording studio preparing her new album. This 2024 will be the year in which the successor of Future Nostalgia, an album with which Dua Lipa wants to once again set a trend within the global scene. Ready for what’s coming?


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