Dua Lipa turns up the heat around her new single “Houdini”

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In addition to the song, Dua Lipa has perfectly mastered the art of suspense and arouses the impatience of her fans a few days before the release of her latest single entitled “Houdini”.

D-2 before Dua Lipa’s big return. She will have played mystery until the end but Dua Lipa returns to music this Friday. With an enigmatic tease on social networks, the beauty swapped her brown hair for red and announces a new era with “Houdini” scheduled for November 9. The artist seems to have a penchant for the character of the magician. Indeed, on October 31, while we were celebrating the anniversary of the magician’s death, the star announced the title of his next single. But the wink doesn’t stop there.

Indeed, according to the media NME abstract references to Houdini seem to continue “, supporting proof the singer presented herself with a necklace and a key in her mouth. Clues which are not trivial since at “ During his acts, one of Houdini’s escape methods was to receive the key to his handcuffs by passing it through his wife into their mouths while they kissed “.

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“Houdini”, a single already validated by fans

To keep his fans waiting, the “Dance The Night” singer chose to share an excerpt from the title on his Instagram profile. Playing on a vintage tape recorder, the title presages disco sounds made by Tame Impala and Danny L Harle. In the comments, the wait is widely felt but the fans are very optimistic. “ Am I listening to the song of the decade because I’m afraid it is ”, we can for example read. But that’s not all since the singer likes to spoil her fans, she has also planned three single launches in London, Tokyo and Los Angeles. “ I’m going to invite some of my fans from the UK and all over Europe “. The first show is scheduled in London this Thursday, November 9.

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