Ed Sheeran shares the first four music videos for ‘Autumn Variations’

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We already have here the first four video clips from the latest album by Ed Sheeran! After launching Autumn Variations at the beginning of October, now we can finally see the videos of midnight, That’s On Me, American Town and Spring.

These video clips arrive in a way that is as original as it is special for the fans of the singer of Thinking Out Loud, who has prepared a unique proposal for his fifth studio work. It is a project in which its listeners are the absolute protagonists: Ed Sheeran He has asked his fans to send their videos to participate in a contest in which more than 4,000 music videos were entered and he himself has been in charge of selecting the winners, who will represent 14 different countries.

In the official statement that they have shared from their record company, the artist has assured that “I made Autumn Variations for the fans and I really wanted to include them on this album. She really wanted to see how they performed the music, so I decided to ask my fans of all the world to make videos for each track on the album”.

In the first of the published videos, the one that accompanies the song That’s On Me, we can see the home adventures of a characteristic biker man; in American Town, a newlywed couple enjoys a great adventure; midnight It transmits us the happiness of several scenes between family and friends; and in Springthrough different objects, the director transmits her different emotions in her favorite city, Paris.

‘That’s On Me’

The director of this video clip is Beatriz Santamaría Pinharepresentative of Brazilhas commented on the reasons that led him to choose this idea for the video of That’s On Me: “When I heard this song for the first time, it hurt me (almost as much as stepping on a Lego). Each lyric reminded me: I don’t know what I’m doing with my life! I had just dropped out of college in mathematics. I didn’t graduate. I definitely didn’t have a plan! So when I was creating this video, I knew my character had to feel the same way. His life has changed direction and he is trying to figure out who he is now. Tie-dye, flower arranging, baking and… you’ll have to watch the video to find out. And although I had been focused on crafting a meaningful narrative, I knew there was still one thing missing: Easter eggs! You may have noticed some of them: like the infomercials taken directly from the Out of Variations promo, or the Lego house, which appeared in… you guessed it, The Lego House! Even actor Skip is something of an Easter egg: he already appeared in Overpass Graffiti.”

‘American Town’

“No doubt some of us understand the pressure that comes with planning a wedding. It’s stressful, it’s time-consuming and in our video for Ed Sheeran’s ‘American Town’ we ask the question… what if we scrapped it all? This is our story. Angie and I have been together almost 10 years and Ed’s music has been there every step of the way. Through love, loss, and everything in between, his music has been the soundtrack to our lives together. When Ed asked his fans to make music videos for Autumn Variations, we knew that sharing our own story was just a way to share, even in a small way, how much his music has meant to us. American Town was the perfect song to represent our adventure together: forget all the expectations of the world around us and focus on what is most important. Ed’s lyrics say it all: “Lost in love and we don’t want to be found… It’s just you and me.” Together with True Story Films (@truestoryfilms), we were able to make our vision a reality and had a lot of fun in the process!” they explained Cary Truelick and Michael Lamhangthe representatives of the United States and directors of this video clip.


Meg ArashiJapanese representative, explained “the song felt very warm and happy and we hope the video makes you feel that way too. The team really hopes you enjoy the video and feel all the love and joy that came from making it.”


The French representative and director, Clara Giot commented on the music video of Spring gives “life to my Autumn Variations vinyl, in my crazy Parisian way of life. With fun and unexpected sequences, this object symbolizes our feelings, increasingly damaged and repaired throughout life. When nothing seems right, but you still move forward in life and ultimately find comfort in friendship. This is a creative expression of the emotions I felt while listening to this albumin an object that I love, in a city that I love”.

The remaining ten videos will be published in the coming days on the official YouTube channel of Ed Sheeran.

These are the countries and the winners that each song represents:

magical – Edel Temple, Ireland

england – Marlon Cang, United Kingdom

Amazing – Elder, Australia

Plastic Bags – Laura Days, Italy

Blue – Renee Schuurmans, Netherlands

American Town – Michael Lamhang, United States

That’s On Me – Beatriz Santamaria Pinha, Brazil

Page – Gordian Schroedter, Germany

midnight – Meg Igarashi, Japan

Spring – Ciara Griot, France

Punchline – Evan Heasman, New Zealand

When Will I Be Alright – Karina Yang, Taiwan

The Day I Was Born – Mike Bautista, Mexico

Head >Heels – Anshul Mittal and Kanika Gupta, India

50 Cent covers ‘Shape of You’

The fans who attended the concert 50 Cent They did not expect the surprise appearance that the New York rapper had prepared for his show at the O2 Arena in London during The Final Lap Tour.

Curtis James Jackson IIIbetter known in the rap world as 50 Centenabled a mystery box, in which he left the following message: “THERE IS A MONSTER IN THIS BOX”, at the same time the first chords of the very famous single by Ed Sheeran, Shape of You.

The Briton began to sing, accompanied by the screams and applause of the audience who went crazy when the box opened and, indeed, the seventh most listened to singer in the world was hiding there.


50 Cent brings out Ed Sheeran in London 2023 #thelastlaptour2023 #50cent #edsheeran

♬ original sound – Ana Carvalho

At the end of the concert, the artist shared several videos on Instagram Stories in which he was seen singing several of the songs from the stands. 50 Cent. In addition, the rapper himself shared a photo on social networks with Ed Sheeran in which he thanks her for accompanying him at his concert.

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A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent)

“My man helped me tonight, 💣BOOM 💨 LONDON went crazy! It doesn’t get any bigger than this @teddysphotos,” the rapper wrote on his Instagram.


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