ED SHEERAN: the first two of 14 official videos created by fans, including one from Italy (Watch the videos)

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Ed Sheeran presents the 14 official fan-created music videos to accompany the 14 tracks of his latest album “Autumn Variations” (READ THE REVIEW).

The series launched today with the premiere of the first two videos: “That’s On Me” by Beatriz Santamaria Pinha of Brazil and “American Town” by Michael Lamhang of the United States, both now streaming on Ed’s official YouTube channel.

Earlier this fall, Ed asked fans from every corner of the globe to create music videos for each song on “Autumn Variations.” Over 4,000 videos arrived from 75 countries. And he personally chose a list of 14 winners, representing 14 different countries on the five continents and Italy is also present among these. These are the other countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan, France, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mexico and India.

With this new operation, Ed continues the path of “Autumn Variations”, conceived as an album for the fans and, now, also to highlight the talent of the fans themselves. The remaining 13 videos will be released in the coming weeks.

Speaking of the videos, Ed commented:

I composed Autumn Variations for the fans and I really wanted to bring them into this album. I was curious to see how they interpreted the music, so I decided to ask my fans from all over the world to make videos for each track on the album.

There were so many wonderful submissions and I’m very happy to announce that I will be launching all 14 fan-made videos over the next few weeks, starting with That’s On Me. I want to give a special thank you to every fan who made these videos so special.

I love them and I hope you like them too. x”

American director Michael Lamhang added,

Angie and I have been together almost 10 years – and Ed’s music has been there every step of the way. Through love, through loss and everything in between, his music has been the soundtrack to our life together. Q

hen Ed asked his fans to make music videos for Autumn Variations, we knew sharing our story was just one way to show how much his music meant to us.

American Town was the perfect song to describe our adventure – to forget all the ugliness of the world around us and focus on what matters most. Ed’s lyrics say it all “Lost in love and we don’t want to be found… it’s just you and me.”

Together with True Story Films (@truestoryfilms), we were able to make our vision a reality and had so much fun in the process!”


Magical – Edel Temple (Ireland)
England – Marlon Cang (UK)
Amazing – Elder (Australia)
Plastic Bag – Laura Days (Italy)
Blue – Renee Schuurmans (The Netherlands)
American Town – Michael Lamhang (USA)
That’s On Me – Beatriz Santamaria Pinha (Brazil)
Page – Gordian Schroedter (Germany)
Midnight – Meg Igarashi (Japan)
Spring – Ciara Griot (France)
Punchline – Evan Heasman (Soju Shorts) (New Zealand)
When Will I Be Alright – Karina Yang (Taiwan)
The Day I Was Born – Mike Bautista (Mexico)
Head>Heels – Anshul Mittal & Kanika Gupta (Digiscape Media) (India)




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