Eladio Carrión sets a release date for ‘Sol María’, his new album

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Eladio Carrión is about to welcome a new musical era. And he has all his fans watching every move he makes on social networks, as the launch of his new studio album is approaching. Sol Maria.

Many wondered when it would see the light, but The ragman has decided to start 2024 with a gift for all his followers: there is already an official release date for his next project. And get ready because the countdown has begun.

It all started when on January 7 he published a video in which he formulated a numerical calculation whose solution was the release date of Sol María. But this January 8th she wanted to share the solution and those who obtained the January 19 As it turns out, they were right. This was announced with a video in which window blinds are raised and lowered and with the date of the album. “It won’t be long now,” Eladio indicates in the description.

As expected, the news has not gone unnoticed on the networks. Numerous fans have flooded the publication with comments and reactions of excitement to hear what’s new from their favorite artist. “DO NOT LOOK FOR ME THIS JANUARY 19, I AM NOT AVAILABLE TO ANYONEEEEEEE,” says a follower. “I feel like this album is going to be so personal that it’s going to break everything!!,” adds another.

And as we have heard in his previous releases, everything indicates that this fifth studio album by Eladio is going to be one of the most personal of his career. The latest trailer he shared is TQMQA, a song with tropical sounds that has become a clear tribute to his family. In fact, her parents are part of the video clip, which has made its premiere even more emotional. For now we will have to wait to find out what other songs will be part of the tracklist of Sol Mariaalthough many bet on For the Return with Morad.

What is clear is that the countdown to hear the successor of 3MEN2 KBRN has begun, so Eladio has made sure to start 2024 on the right foot. And you, do you want to listen Sol Maria?


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