Emilia makes a proposal to Bad Gyal: “The truth is that I love her”

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Emily He is experiencing one of his most exciting professional stages. A few days ago his long-awaited studio album was released. .MP3, which has undoubtedly become the favorite soundtrack of millions of people. With this new release, the Argentine takes us straight to the 2000s, a decade characterized by VHS tapes, MP3s and the aesthetics of feathers, sunglasses and leopard-print clothing in the music videos of our favorite musical divas. An unmistakable flow.

For Flow 2000, which has also offered us Bad Gyal in their projects. In fact, is one of Emilia’s biggest inspirations, or at least that’s what she dropped in one of her latest interviews. During his time at WECB Music Awards Santander 2023, he chatted with Divinity about various aspects of his career, his new album and his time in Spain. Who would she collaborate with? She is clear.

“I would love to, if you listen to me, I’m going to send you a message. I would love to be able to do something with Bad Gyal. The truth is that I love her, I think she’s incredible and the two of us, with the Flow 2000, we can do something very cool together , as they say here”says the interpreter of Not Seen.

His words have not taken long to revolutionize his fans, who beg him for this musical union to become a reality. “Now we both want an EP together,” says a fan. “This collaboration would be worth millions,” adds another. Other messages that can be read on social networks are: “I’m DYING if they make a collaboration God… the two of them can do something very cool with flow tuzausen says pffff” and “this could change the course of my life.”

Either way, Bad Gyal has not yet commented on the matter, so we will wait to see if he accepts Emilia’s proposal and they end up joining their talents in the recording studio.

What is clear is that Emilia was one of the protagonists of the WECB Music Awards Santander 2023 on November 3. The WiZink Center in Madrid welcomed her to enjoy a performance full of unstoppable rhythms led by GTA and Not Seen, two songs that have starred in this new musical era. Additionally, she won the award for Best Latin Collaboration with No Se Ve alongside Ludmilla.

And you, would you like to hear Emilia and Bad Gyal in the same song?


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