Emilia, Nicki Nicole and Tiago PZK join Mesita on ‘Una Foto Remix’

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We love the strong union that exists between Argentine artists. The stars of this country have no problem when it comes to getting on a topic. In fact, part of their global success is thanks to the collaborations they launch together. And we couldn’t like them more!

Although we are only five days into 2024, we were already missing a super Argentine collaboration. But the wait is over. This January 5, ahead of the Three Wise Men, our gift has not arrived from the East, but from Buenos Aires. And Emilia, Nicki Nicole and Tiago PZK have joined Mesita to release the remix of A picture.

A photo came out last August and since then it has not stopped adding streams on the platform. Thus, it was only a matter of time before Mesita decided to make some calls and invite some of Argentina’s biggest stars to release the remix.

Mesita himself wanted to thank all his colleagues on social networks for joining this remix. And it looks like it will become a success.

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This is what A photo remix sounds like

The new version of One Photo, for starters, lasts twice as long. Literally. Mesita’s two minutes become four so that all the new members’ verses fit perfectly. The song starts with Nicki Nicole saying “You’re not going to escape with me, mom, I want to take you to the dark.”

Emilia also adds her verses. And if in The original Together with Tini she had shown us that she is a true posing expert, in this new topic she mentions it again: “I don’t want more photos, let’s make it happen. Daddy, you’ve already passed my quality control.” Additionally, she also has a verse where she references her MP3 collaboration: “I am the original that eats you in privacy.”

For the video clip, the artists have opted to sing around great cars. Mesita has opted for director Federico Cabred, who has already worked with all of them on his videos.


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