Eric Clapton or Bruce Dickinson on the cover of our n°160?

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The March issue of WECB features two different covers! Choose your favorite between Eric Clapton and Bruce Dickinson.

WECB invites you to choose your favorite cover of issue 160. On newsstands from the end of February, our next monthly Eric Clapton in the spotlight. Before celebrating his big return to the stage at the Accor Arena and the Nîmes Festival, take a look back at 461 Ocean Boulevard, legendary record which celebrates 50 years of its release. Including in particular the cover of “I Shot The Sheriff” by Bob Marley, it has sold more than two million copies. The editorial team invites you to rediscover in detail this album, as rich as it is memorable.

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As an alternative cover, Bruce Dickinson invites you to his fencing club. The Iron Maiden singer is back solo with The Mandrake Projecta record that arrives no less than 19 years after its predecessor, Tyranny of Souls. He gives himself to the editorial team in a long interview, in which he details his new transmedia work, which mixes heavy metal and comics, while talking about his relationship with his group, without forgetting to take a close look at his career as a fencer. .

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Find many other interviews in this next WECB monthly. Thus, Rich Robinson evokes the great return of The Black Crowes to the editorial staff, on the occasion of the release of Happiness Bastards, their first album in 15 years. If they are not brothers, they remain linked, Pete Doherty and Carl Barât reveal to the editorial team the secrets of the next album of The Libertines : All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade. Don’t miss the confessions of Jack Antonoff, genius producer now winner of a Grammy Award, who presents the new album of his project Bleachers. Also don’t miss our interview with the American duo MGMTwhich says everything about Loss Of Lifehis fifth album. Brittany Howardsinger of Alabama Shakes, also goes behind the scenes of What Now?his second solo album.

Also find our monthly guide, which reviews all the cultural news. On the music side, the great return of The Black Crowes is in the spotlight, with numerous chronicles. On the literature side, immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic universe of Who will live after us by Hervé Le Corre. Let’s not forget the second half of the diptych either Dune, reviewed by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. See you at the cinema on February 28.


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