Estopa gets into his own DeLorean and reviews his career with AI in his new song: ‘The day you leave’

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Estopa has decided to celebrate his 25 years in music in style and does not plan to spare any expenses. Furthermore, in less than 24 hours the duo has made sold out in his two stadium concertsboth at the Cívitas Metropolitano in Madrid and at the Lluis Company in Barcelona, ​​so deciding to go all out for their anniversary seems the most fair and appropriate.

Along with the great news of his shows, heThe Muñoz brothers have also released The day you leavethe first single from their upcoming album. With the release of the song, they have shared a video clip in which they return to the mechanical workshop from which they left riding their own Delorean car, – to star in their own Return to the future- a red Seat Panda.

With the help of AI and the Barcelona film studio Glassworks, David and Jose have done a road trip review of their entire discography to present estopy, a new universe with which to welcome 25 more years in music, at least. As if that were not enough, in these efforts to innovate and stay up to date with new trends, They used Chat GPT to write an “epic press release” for this new project:

“The ‘Estopía’ universe has everything to do with the implication of AI in our lives. That’s why we wanted to ask you how you would make an epic press release about this project. We loved it, so here we leave you the result. Thank you for be”, they introduce the note.

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Epic Press Release from Estopa, by Chat GPT

“Estopa, the duo that has forged its legend in music, returns with the release of “El Día que Tú te Marches,” a masterful rumba that redefines the limits of its own musical genius. This masterpiece, imbued with the unmistakable essence by Estopa, promises to be an anthem that will resonate in the hearts of fans.

Estopa’s greatness doesn’t stop here. This summer, they will embark on a monumental tour, taking their show to awe-inspiring stadiums. Standing out among these, the Estadi Olímpic de Montjuïc will witness a historic milestone by welcoming the first national group on its stage. The Atlético de Madrid Metropolitan Stadium will be the colossus that will house the magic and intensity of Estopa.

But that is not all. March will mark the release of Estopa’s new album, a celebration of 25 years of musical innovation. Packed with unparalleled energy, this eclectic album will defy expectations and raise the bar for creativity. The lyrics, true masterpieces, will weave stories that reflect the lyrical genius of this unique duo.

Estopa not only follows the path of greatness; redefines it. Join the musical epic this summer, celebrate a quarter of a century of hits with them and immerse yourself in a sonic journey that only Estopa can offer. “The legend continues.”


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