Everything you need to know about ‘Water!’ by Chanel: date, collaborations on the album and discards

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January 12 is a special date, and it is not because there is one day left until my birthday, but because it is the day in which the whole world will finally be able to listen to the debut album of Chanel. At the risk of making us wait as long as some former members of Fifth Harmony, the new Spanish representative at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest is going to start the year in style with the release that will surely mark the rest of her career.

Releasing a first studio album is no small feat, so I’m going to do a quick summary of everything you need to know about this work that Chanel has been working on for the last few years. How many songs does she have? What sound have you chosen? Will it include her first singles? I answer all these questions and, along the way, I add some more curiosity to satisfy the desire of the mommy’s fans.

Tribute title and late premiere

Let’s start with the basics: the title of the album. It seems that Chanel has been clear about it from the beginning and will pay tribute to her war cry at Eurovision and His debut album will be released under the name Water!. As he mentioned, the release date is scheduled for Friday 12th of January and, unless a meteorite falls on Earth, so it will be.

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We do have to remember that Chanel’s first album arrives later than many would have liked. Although the singer has always said that she likes to cook what she makes over low heat, Water! will land on streaming platforms and physical stores almost two years after its victory at the Benidorm Fest.

Collaborations, friends and acquaintances

There is no longer an album without collaborations – with some exceptions – and, to Water!, Chanel has several. In addition to those already known with Abraham Mateo, Ptazeta and Maikel Delacalle, the singer has focused on the talent outside of Spain for two international featurings. On the one hand she has a song with the Italians Zé Felipe and Rocco Hunt. Will you want to follow in Ana Mena’s footsteps and obtain dual nationality with her music? On the other hand, an issue with the Argentine F.M.K.. If I wanted a winning partner I had to seek an alliance with the South American country. You cannot ignore what is happening there and FMK is one of the most promising voices. So much so that it is one of the key pieces of Those from space. The song remains to be heard, but for now, well done, Chanel.

Tracklist and sound

Chanel has divided Water! in two parts: act I and act II. Each of them has six songs, so the album has a total of twelve, of which there are seven unreleased. The complete tracklist? Here you have it all for your enjoyment.

  1. Clavaíto with Abraham Mateo
  2. Round and round
  3. Ping Pong with Ptazeta
  4. Loka with Maikel Delacalle
  5. P.M
  6. Until Dawn with Zé Felipe and Rocco Hunt
  7. Now that I don’t have you with FMK
  8. Lucky Me
  9. SloMo
  10. Without salt
  11. house party
  12. Water

As for sound, Chanel, judging by the previews and some songs she sang exclusively in the summer, has opted for a wide range of pop. There will be more songs like SloMo, but also bachatas, urban tracks and the occasional funky song. He has also dropped that there will be a more melodic song and even a ballad where he can demonstrate all his vocal potential.

The discards

Despite the rumors, Water! yes it will include SloMo, the song with which Chanel debuted in the music industry and achieved third place in the Eurovision Song Contest. The singles that she has been releasing in the last two years will also be on that album. However, there are two issues that she has decided to discard. TOKEChanel’s second single – which also has his best video clip to date – and the remix he made with the Frenchman RIDSA, TOKE (If it’s ok)will not be part of their debut album.

This is all the basics you need to know so that, come January 12, you can start listening with all the information. All you have to do is discover on your own the songs that have remained under summary secrecy for more than a year. Will Chanel succeed with Water!? Place your bets.


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