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L’Espagnole Maria Abellán, also known as Sita Abellán, is a 30-year-old fashionista who has made a name for herself as a DJ, model, jewelry designer, and stylist (having dressed Kim Kardashian and Anitta). She is also Rihanna’s partner in crime, even appearing in the 2015 “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video. But now, she wants to make her mark as a singer under the name Sita with a raw techno EP titled “Generacion XDISIS”. In this interview, the social media star with an alien look discusses her fashion and music.

Sita Abellán recently released an EP titled “Generacion XDISIS”. How did this come about?

Sita Abellán: “Generacion XDISIS” was a three-year journey, a creative process that evolved as I experimented with different elements. This EP became like a “third child” for me, balancing it with the responsibilities of motherhood. Both musically and lyrically, it’s a personal expression, a concept mini-album chronicling my transformation from girl to woman.

The title of your EP is quite mysterious. What does it mean, and what do the lyrics talk about?

Generacion XDISIS comes from the word “ecdysis”, which is the process of shedding or molting that allows reptiles to change their skin. Inspired by my fascination with snakes, this title symbolizes the journey of evolution and change. As for the lyrics, they delve into my experiences of toxic relationships, how I escaped the allure of false success, and found empowerment and spirituality.

What are your influences?
Musically, this EP pays tribute to my favorite genres: hard techno, electroclash, and punk, reflecting the freedom I felt in complete control of the music. Additionally, Miss Kittin has been a significant influence and my main musical inspiration since my adolescence.

As a DJ, model, and stylist, how would you describe yourself? And how would you describe your style?
I am constantly driven by curiosity, seeking to express my creativity in various ways. As for my style, it’s very Sita.

You have collaborated with Anitta, Kim Kardashian, and J Balvin as a stylist. Are there any looks you regret?
I am fortunate to not have any regrets about the looks I have created for my friends and clients. Strong bonds and mutual respect for each other’s visions have made each collaboration rewarding.

What pieces are essential in a wardrobe?
Accessories, accessories, and more accessories. A look cannot be complete without them. What is your definition of style?
For me, style means being yourself and being original. It’s the most beautiful form of style. My best fashion advice? Be yourself, defy the system, embrace your uniqueness, and surround yourself with a loyal team. Ignore the naysayers, keep doing your thing, and remember that your unique character is your strength.

Who do you think is the best-dressed person in the world?
In my opinion, it’s someone with an original style who lives and respects fashion in its most creative and sometimes hidden forms.

Generacion XDISIS (2024) by Sita is now available.

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