Faye Webster premieres “Feeling Good Today”

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Short but sweet melody.

Faye Webster shared the latest single before the album’s premiere Underdressed at the Symphony after “But Not Kiss”, “Lifetime” and the collaboration of Lil Yachty, “Lego Ring” .

The single titled “Feeling Good Today”, It is a brief but melancholic song where the singer and songwriter shares with us through a mixture of Auto-Tune and guitar what would be the narration of one of her days in general. The song begins with a phrase that many times we all find difficult to say “I’m feeling good today I ate before noon I think that’a pretty good for me.” Many of us constantly find it difficult to get out of bed, eat a little, and feel good, Faye With this song, it gives us a feeling of motivation to look around us and realize that the most mundane details that exist: how to keep the door open, see your brother, that the neighbors know your dog and call it by its name; As strange as they are, they make you realize that you’re over it.

I definitely think that sometimes I resort to humor almost just to distract myself. But much of this sounds like the truth. Even if I say it, I don’t want to be funny. “That’s really how I feel and today I feel good,” he commented. Faye in a press release.

In addition to releasing the new single, Webster surprised us with the official video for the song directed by Pooneh Ghana and starring beloved TikTok star, Lily Hayes. Throughout the video, There is He comes out with a latex mask and a wig, assimilating his image to Faye, where you find yourself doing small daily activities in your home, such as watering plants, playing the guitar, practicing yo-yo, etc.

To promote the album Underdressed at the Symphony, The composer will have an important tour of the United States and Europe, she will have performances in Coachella, Primavera Sound, Bonnaroo and Governors Ball.


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